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Character Building Exercise

In order to better get to know our characters and other peoples characters, I (with the help of Day :D) came up with a Character Quiz. I'd like you all to fill it out as a comment reply to this entry - you can either log in as your character to do so, or log in as them but please put each character in a seperate comment with their name as the subject. (Also, please write in third person, i.e 'Demise is a lovely little fishmonger...' or whatever :) ).

Character's full name:

Is it the name your character was born with? If not, what is your
characters birth name?

Nickname/Nicknames and who calls your character this/these?

Your characters birth parents are/were:

Your characters current gaurdians/parents if circumstances have changed:

Your characters living arrangements:


Relationship with parents/siblings (how they 'get along'):

Characters past/present romantic relationships:

characters hair colour:

characters eye colour:



scars/distinguishing features?

what is your character most afraid of?

what makes your character deliriously happy?

when was the last time your character had a good cry, and why?

is your character a virgin?

does your character suffer from an illness or condition (either physical,
mental or whatever)?

Has your character ever been to hospital? Why?

Has your character ever been in jail/involved with the police (wizarding or muggle)? Why?

What kinds of things make your character laugh?

Characters favorite book (and why it matters to them/they like it):

Favorite band (ditto above):

Favorite song (ditto):

Favorite item of clothing (ditto):

Favorite drink:

Favorite food:

Favorite place (ditto):

Where did your character grow up?

Describe a childhood memory of your characters:

Does your character play any musical instruments?

Does your character use drugs or smoke? If so what, and why?

What is your characters worst habit?

What is your characters worst personality trait?

What is your characters best personality trait?

Name three other characters who are important to your character:

Tell us what your character likes about each of these people:

Tell us what your character doesn't like about them:

Characters favorite colour:

Favorite class (and why):

What is your character interested in/what do they like to do in
their spare time:

When was your characters first kiss? With whom?

Characters biggest regret:

Describe your characters education before Hogwarts:

If your character had to be put in to a 'highschool stereotype', what
would their stereotype be and why?

Characters house:

Is your character a typical slytherin/gryffindor/hufflepuff/ravenclaw?
Why/why not? What traits does your character display that fit with
the stereotype of their house?

Describe your character in five words:

The End

Watch dramais_persona and quite_useless for more updates and fun things, coming soon, because i've got my mojo back now :) yay!
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