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Characters: Remus, Tonks, Tale and Cirus
Location: Hospital Wing
Rating: PG

Summary: Tonks goes into early labor, and Remus must stay away, leaving Tale with the responsibility to look over Tonks through her labor. Once Cirus is born, complications arise, and Remus must step in to fix them in a way he never thought he would.

amantt OX ique: Tonks rolled out of bed, she was so tired. Cirus had been relentless in shifting and her mother couldn't remember the last 6 hours she'd slept straight. Walking about the dorm, she lit a fire, brewing a cup of tea, whimpering as Cirus kicked. Tonks winced, moving back over to bed, feeling a sharper, longer pain than a kick. A contraction. She reached over for Remus' sleeping hand, "Remus," she whispered, pulling on his hand, trying to wake him. "Remus," she said, louder, the pain coming back a few moments later.

Groggily, Remus opened his eyes, turning over to his wife, "What's wrong, 'Dora?" Tonks pulled on his arm, "Contractions," she gasped out, gripping at his hand. "Gods, help me," she pleaded.

Remus sprang to life, kissing her forehead, "It's okay, you'll be okay," he said, grabbing her dressing robe and putting it around her, slipping his shoes on his feet, rubbing at his eyes and yawning, helping her down to the Hospital Wing.

When Madame Pomfrey awoke, Tonks was examined and deemed to be in the beginnings of premature labor. Remus grabbed some floo powder and prayed Tale still had her insomnia... and that she was in the castle. Leaning into the fireplace he looked around the shared space of the dorm she was sharing with her new roommates. "Tale?" He called out, quietly.

YourDesiredDrug: Tale looked up from her book from her place on the couch, squinting at the fireplace. "Remus?" she frowned, setting the book on the couch as she stood up. "What's the matter?" she asked as she crouched down in front of the fireplace, "Do you know what time it is?"

amantt OX ique: "I, I don't know," he said, looking around for a clock, "It's Tonks. She's gone into early labor. I c-can't be here. I have to go away... I have to..."

YourDesiredDrug: Her eyes widened, "What do you mean she's gone into labor?" She blinked at him, "Now?"

amantt OX ique: "That's what Madame Pomfrey says," Remus rubbed the back of his neck, "She woke me up. She had contractions...Can you just come down here?"

YourDesiredDrug:She stared blankly at him as she tried to process the information. Tonk's wasn't meant to go into labor for a couple more months. She frowned to herself. And she really wouldn't have liked to read up a bit on what she was meant to do if she had to be there. Vaguely, she heard Remus speaking, and blinked herself out of her thoughts, nodding quickly, "Uh huh ... Yup. Sure. Right away."

amantt OX ique: "Thank you," he said gratefully, "Thank you so much, Tale," he said, leaning back and moving to Tonks' side. Sweat had broken out on her forehead and she reached for his hand. Remus was finding it hard to face the face he'd have to leave her alone to face this soon. "I love you," he said, taking her hand in both of his, kissing her knuckles.

YourDesiredDrug:She stat frozen in front of the fireplace for a few moments, her body unwilling to move. A very strong, sudden anxiety had come over her, and the idea of moving just seemed like a terrible idea. If she moved, she'd have to go to the Hospital Wing. If she had to go to the Hospital Wing, she had to help Tonks through her labor. All of this was very sudden, she decided, and quite unfair. Giving a great sigh, she stood up, pulling her coat from the coat rack, and headed towards the Hospital Wing.

As she arrived, she entered looking very pale, her face set in a rather stony expression.

amantt OX ique:Remus stood, slipping on his robe, "Don't go, Remus," she pleaded, not letting his hand go. "Please," she begged.

YourDesiredDrug Tale looked at Remus, her expression changing to a mild concern. She crossed to Tonk's bed, plastering on the best comforting smile she could manage. "It'll be okay, Tonks. You'll be fine, and in just a little while Cirus will be with you."

amantt OX ique: Tonks began to cry, "I don't want him to leave," she muttered, a sob caught in her throat. Remus winced at the sound of desperation in her voice, "Tale will stay with you, sweetheart. I need to go, you know this," he said difficultly, kissing her temple.

YourDesiredDrug: "You'll be fine," she told Tonks, before glancing at Remus. "She'll be fine," she nodded, planting a hand on his chest. "You need to go."

amantt OX ique: Remus let go of his wife, "I'll be in the room, okay? So not too far... But far enough." Tonks began to cry again, "Remus I'm scared. What if Cirus isn't all right?" Remus took a deep breath, "She's fine. She's perfect. She's so perfect that she's early," he gave a grateful smile to Tale.

YourDesiredDrug Tale nodded ferverntly, still subtly pushing at Remus' chest. "He knows what he's talking about. She's fine. Aren't you excited to see her?"

amantt OX ique: "Yes," Tonks said, leaning back, "Go, Remus," she said quietly and he did, walking down the hall before coming back and standing outside the doors to the wing, unable to tear himself apart. He peered through the pane of glass at his eyelevel, keeping from being seen. A door, he concluded, should be enough.

YourDesiredDrug :Tale moved closer to Tonk's bed and blindly grabbed for the womans hand, blinking around the room. Now that Remus was gone, she had absolutely no idea what to say to Tonks. She patted the back of Tonk's hand with her free one, and forced a smile, "It'll be fine. You'll be fine. I can't wait to see Cirus."

amantt OX ique: Tonks squeezed Tale's hand to a crippling extent as a contraction wracked her body, she gasped for breath when it was over, "Poppy," she panted, "Can I push?" She cried out miserably.

The older woman reappeared with rubber gloves and towels for the floor, "Not nearly yet. You're not dilated enough," she said, sneaking a peek underneath the sheet, "Soon enough. Calm yourself, Tonks. She'll come when she's ready."

YourDesiredDrug: Tale's lips parted, her eyes widening, before her brows furrowed dramatically, feeling like her knees were going to buckle as Tonks so suddenly squeezed her hand. "How long?" Tale asked Madam Pomfrey, vaguely trying to wiggle her fingers. "How long until she's able to push?"

amantt OX ique: "Looks like another hour," Poppy said, "Birth isn't a speedy thing sometimes. And it's best, with the premature nature, that it lasts," Poppy noticed Tale's discomfort, "How about I get you a towel to hold, Tonks," she said, walking off.

Tonks let go of Tale's hand, "I'm sorry," she said weakly, trying to relax into the bed.

YourDesiredDrug Tale flexed her fingers, "No, it's fine. Really. I just didn't expect it ... I'll get used to it." She looked down at Tonks, frowning lightly. "Do you want ... anything? Um .. ice chips or something? Music, maybe?"

amantt OX ique: Tonks relaxed, "No, I-I'm fine. I just... This is really it? No more waiting... come hell or high water she'll be out of me in a matter of hours. I haven't had the chance to mentally prepare. I haven't had a chance to physically repare. Gods, I'm gonna be a cow with no excuse without her."

YourDesiredDrug: Despite the situation, Tale could hardly hide the fact that she was amused, "Shh," she cooed. "That's not true. You and Remus have been waiting for this moment for months now. You're more prepared than you think. You're just nervous."

amantt OX ique: Tonks took a few deep breaths, biting down on her lip and her hands seeking purchase on the bars at the side of the bed as she grit out a string of curses, "Poppy," she groaned as the woman returned with a hand towel, handing it to Tale and taking a peek, "Half an hour. At the most," she said, patting Tonks on the thigh, "You're doing wonderfully."

An hour later, Tonks felt the strongest contraction yet and Poppy gave the okay. Small talk with Tale had lead to many silences, not that it bothered her, she really needed time to think. As she began to push, Remus had his face practically embedded in the glass, praying silently that everything would go okay... and that his numb legs would hold.

YourDesiredDrug: Tale had gone very pale, refusing to move away from Tonk's side to take any sort of look under the sheet. She didn't want to see it. She didn't need to see it. In fact, she'd be quite content if Tonks would start squeezing the hell out of her hand again. She ran the towel over Tonk's forehead and repeated soft, vague words in Tonk's ear.

amantt OX ique: Poppy's face showed some concern as Cirus began to emerge facefirst. "Just keep pushing," she said strongly, "You're doing great, her head's almost out and then she'll start crying. Keep breathing," she encouraged as Tonks gripped Tale's arm and screamed in pain.

Once Cirus' head emerged, she indeed began to wail but the rest of her small body emerged successfully. Remus' sigh of relief could practically be heard from the hallway. Tonks let out a gutteral moan as she panted back against the bed, as Poppy tied the umbilical cord, bringing Cirus away to clean her.

YourDesiredDrug: Tale stared at the baby, completely unaware of the pain in her arm caused by Tonks. She smiled slowly, "She's beautiful," she said softly. "I mean, she's rather gross and swollen at the moment, but I can tell she's beautiful."

amantt OX ique: Tonks gave a small smile feeling utterly exhausted. She opened her mouth to whine but closed it. She could wait.

Poppy called to them from across the room, "She's a bit red because she came out face first... blood vessels are a bit broken, but they'll heal properly," she said. Tonks gave a slight impatient sigh.

YourDesiredDrug:Tale grinned and let out a noise, turning to Tonks, "You did it. See? I told you everything would be fine! You didn't break any of my bones, and Cirus is here, and you're fine!"

amantt OX ique: Tonks smiled at Tale as Poppy brought Cirus over, handing her into Tonks' arms, wrapped in blankets. "She's so tiny," Tonks cooed. "But so beautiful," she gasped, looking into her daughter's face, tears coming over her. Remus was bawling like a baby outside.

amantt OX ique: Poppy stood back admiring the new mother, noticing a trickle of blood still running down the leg of the hospital bed and onto the towels on the floor. She didn't want to cause alarm so she lightly lifted the sheet but found it impossible to see where the blood was coming from. Her face paled, Tonks had had problems with this in the past. The trickle began to grow.

YourDesiredDrug: Tale leaned over and smiled at the baby, trying to give Tonks her space with Cirus, but unable to help herself. She wanted to see.

amantt OX ique: Remus pushed open the door, he could smell that something was wrong. Unfortunately the smell of blood was stronger, it hit him like a ton of bricks and 4 nights away from a transformation... Remus realized what he'd done was a fatal mistake. Without letting Poppy speak he kept still by the doorway, "She doesn't have enough energy for a full body morph," he said quietly.

Tonks looked up with concern, eager to show him their daughter, "Remus, come have a look!"

Remus faught the urge to follow her request. "Hand Cirus to Tale, 'Dora," he said seriously, his tone frightening. Tonks did so without hesitation, sitting up a little more, "What's wrong?"

YourDesiredDrug: Tale took the baby, momentarily more concerned with how to hold her than anything else, never having held a baby before. Once she felt comfortable that she wouldn't drop Cirus, she looked at Remus, frowning, "I thought you weren't meant to be here ... What's the matter?"

amantt OX ique: Poppy stood, "Remus you should leave, I can handle this. She'll drain me if she needs to," the woman pleaded. Remus began to tear, "It's too much. You know that. She needs regeneration."

Tonks had begun to pale, nervousness as well as bloodloss. "Remus," she whispered, unsure of herself. "I'm fine," she said, trying to convince herself as much as him.

Remus took a step towards her, finding it harder to control himself, "You're going to bleed out," he whispered, finding breathing difficult. "Cirus needs a mother," he began to cry then, "I need you."

Tonks swallowed the lump in her throat, pulling back her hair and bearing her throat, "Do it."

YourDesiredDrug: Tale continued to switch her gaze back and forth between the two, still frowning, slowly becoming more and more concerned as she grew all the more confused, "What are you two talking about? Do what? What's going on?"

amantt OX ique: Tonks closed her eyes in anticipation. "Remus is going to turn me. If he loses control, Cirus goes to Sirius," she said, resolute.

Remus closed his own eyes, looking at his daughter... both his daughters, and crossing to his wife, kissing her deeply before pulling away, feeling the unfamiliar half loss of control, his mouth become prolonged and Poppy cry out as he sunk his teeth into his lover's neck.

YourDesiredDrug: Tale felt the air leave her chest, making a soft, shocked noise, moving away from the pair as quickly as she could. She'd never seen Remus transform, and now she knew that she had never wanted to.

amantt OX ique: Remus pulled away, no longer transformed, collapsing onto the next bed, blood dripping from his mouth. He closed his eyes, revelling in what he'd just done.. the fate he'd just given his 'Dora. He stayed silent, and again he prayed.

Tonks felt something warm rush through her veins and had a sudden urge... to growl. She felt her energy come back as her body fixed itself without her having to do anything. She gasped, gripping at the sides of the beds again, her eyes shutting as the warmth spread. She felt animalistic. She felt like a beast.

YourDesiredDrug:Tale stared at both of them, her eyes as wide as they could go, breathing raggedly. She was vaguely aware of Madam Pomfrey besides her, and almost too aware of Cirus in her arms. The only thing she could do was try not to squeeze the baby too hard, nor drop her, even though she was feeling as if her whole body were about to give out. She took another step back, half hiding behind Madam Pomfrey, silent.

amantt OX ique: Tonks opened her eyes, adjusting to her new senses, surprised to be able to smell what the elves were cooking, what Remus had eaten for breakfast the previous morning. She could hear her baby's heartbeat.

Remus slowly turned around, wiping the blood onto his robes, looking over to his wife. He felt stronger than ever. He took her hand, kissing the fingertips, the palm, the wrist and up to her elbow. "Are you okay?" He asked, to Tonks, to Tale, to Poppy.

"I'm fine," she said quietly, touching his neck, looking over to Tale, "Is she all right?"

YourDesiredDrug: Tale jerked faintly, her eyes landing on Tonks. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out, and she closed it again. She nodded.

amantt OX ique: Remus whispered, "Can I hold her?" He was trying to push everything to the back of his mind, what he'd just done, what this could mean. He just wanted to see his daughter.

YourDesiredDrug : She blinked, turning her focus to Remus. Was he insane? After what she'd just seen, she wasn't entirely sure she was willing to hand over a newborn to him. She said nothing, staring at him.

amantt OX ique: "For all I know, she's already infected," he said stubbornly. "Please, Tale," he began to tear, "Please," he pleaded.

YourDesiredDrug: She looked down at Cirus and sighed lightly, taking a few steps towards Remus. Carefully, she handed over Cirus to him, making sure she was safely in his arms before she stepped away, quickly.

amantt OX ique: Remus became a blubbering mess as he held his daughter, sitting down on the floor, holding her close. Tonks peered over at them, watchin her husband, "What a pair you make," she said, ingoring the fact that her neck was sticky with blood.

YourDesiredDrug: The corner of Tale's mouth turned up faintly as she moved back to stand next to Madam Pomfrey, still rather bemused by the nights events.

amantt OX ique: Tonks looked over to Tale, mouthing: 'Thank you' and giving a smile.

Poppy finally spoke up, "Cirus is underweight due to her prematurity. I'll need to care for her, keep her warm, bring up her weight."

YourDesiredDrug: Tale smiled and nodded faintly, before turning to look at Madam Pomfrey, "For how long?"

amantt OX ique: "About a week. You can all visit, of course," she said. Remus stood, kissing his daughter, touching her tiny hand. "I will always love you," he said, "I promise to take care of you and provide for you and always always be your father. I love you, Cirus."
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