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Lavy/Maghnus rpg set outside and rated PG-13 for some minor sexual refferences.

Serratenshi: Maghnus leant against one of the stone pillars that were spaced evenly along the schools external cloisters, and looked out at the frosty grounds with contempt. He twirled a cigarette between thumb and forefinger, wondering why everyone in this damned place seemed to be smoking, these days. He recalled, dimly, the fact that once...somewhere, sometime, smoking had been 'his' thing. He wondered why he thought this, at all. He couldn't ever remember smoking a cigarette. He wondered how he'd got this one. Shrugging, he lit it, and put it to his lips, taking in the charcoal-grey smoke and feeling the gentle buzz of the nicotine in his bloodstream and lungs. Familiar. Yes. He breathed out and watched the Smokey tendrils dance out across the chilly garden. He blinked, thinking he saw a figure in the distance.

LoverlyLavender: Lavender is walking back to her tent after visiting the library briefly; she's rubbing her temples as if pained while clutching her purple cloak around her shoulders. As if an invisible curse has been lifted the pain in her head begins to recede the moment she's ten metres away from the schools main gates.
LoverlyLavender: She glanced at the school warily over her shoulder and sees yet another boy hanging about in the distance but she's used to this, it's the fourth boy she's seen skulking about in the space of three days.
Serratenshi: Maghnus pressed the cigarette to his lips again and inhaled a heady drag, before making his way casually across the lawn to the figure. He didn't have to get much closer before he realised who it was. Who the fuck else would wear a purple cloak?
LoverlyLavender: Lavender stopped when she smelt ciggerette smoke.
LoverlyLavender: "If thats you Draco go away because I'm not in the mood to listen to you bitch about Star, or do your nails" Lavender sighed.
Serratenshi: "Do I look blond to you?" Maghnus ran a hand through his decidedly auburn hair, and sighed, rolling his eyes "Evening, Ms Brown."
LoverlyLavender: Lavender turned around and glanced at him briefly, warily.
LoverlyLavender: "Can I help you?" she asked crisply.
Serratenshi: "Oooh..." he chuckled, taking another drag of his smoke "..Someone's in a foul temper!"
LoverlyLavender: "I don't have a foul temper, well yes I do, what do you want?" she asked.
Serratenshi: "A chat." he smiled, somewhat creepily.
LoverlyLavender: Lavender snorted.
LoverlyLavender: "You're not frightening me, what do you want to talk to me about?"
Serratenshi: "Well I read your journal, Ms Brown. You seem so concerned recently..." he adopted a look of mock-sympathy "I worry. What can I say? I'm a caring kind of guy."
LoverlyLavender: "Hmm this is the first time you've shown any interest in me what so ever, strange considering you've dated two of my best friends" Lavender pointed out.
LoverlyLavender: "And it's also strange because I've been concerned before, where were you then?"
Serratenshi: "Dating your two best friends?"
LoverlyLavender: "Parvati and Ginny" Lavender said rolling her eyes.
Serratenshi: "I know who they are!" he rolled his eyes "I mean that's where I was..." he smirked "In your past...hours of need. Or whatever." he dropped the cigarette butt on to the icy ground and stomped out the glowing ember with the heel of his boot.
LoverlyLavender: Lavender stared at the cigarette ash.
Serratenshi: Maghnus looked up at her, his grey eyes intense "...you're a weird little thing, aren't you?"
LoverlyLavender: "No I'm not," Lavender snorted.
LoverlyLavender: "I used to be the most popular girl in this school you know, I dated a famous quid ditch player and every one loved me, I'm not weird" Lavender said hotly.
Serratenshi: "You're full of yourself though, aren't you?" he laughed "Too bad. Now you're not the most popular girl in the school. You're a strange little thing living in a tent and babbling about Buddha. Sucks to be you, huh? Don't you miss the good old days?"
LoverlyLavender: Lavender narrowed her eyes.
LoverlyLavender: "Not really, I wasn't very happy then"
Serratenshi: "And you're happy now?" he probed, raising his eyebrows "...but you look so...tired. And stressed. Are you sleeping well?"
LoverlyLavender: " I know exactly what you're doing because I used to do it to girls I didn't like all the time, you're trying to intimidate me so I'll slip and say what you want to hear" Lavender challenged him.
Serratenshi: "...and what do you think I want to hear?" he queried, conversationally.
LoverlyLavender: "I don't know I'm not you after all, and by the way when I was referring to Ginny and Parvati before I was referring to the fact that before today you've never spoken to me" Lavender pointed out.
LoverlyLavender: "Their other boyfriends have at least noticed that I exist but until now you didn't, so forgive me for being suspicious" she added curtly.
Serratenshi: "I'm aware. Clearly, my ironic sense of humour was lost on you. C'est la vie." he took out another cigarette (and where it had come from, he had no idea) and lit it up. "You needn't be suspicious. I apologise that we didn't become acquainted sooner. Hows that?"
LoverlyLavender: "Hmm" Lavender said still obviously suspicious.
LoverlyLavender: "I'm not sure if I should trust you"
Serratenshi: "Why on earth not?" he smiled disarmingly.
LoverlyLavender: "Because I think I is starting to understand what Millicent used to babble about you on the journals, the whole reflection thing? I can see two of you where there should be one" Lavender said honestly and she backed away from him a little bit, a nervous expression on her face.
Serratenshi: He laughed hollowly, not quite managing to sound as innocent and amused as he wanted to. "Really? How odd. Lavender, can I ask you a personal question?"
LoverlyLavender: "If you're going to ask if I'm insane I'm not, divintors have been learning how to read Aura's for centuries, it's not a form of insanity" she replied.
Serratenshi: "Actually I was going to ask if you smoked Mary Jane."
LoverlyLavender: "I don't take drugs either," she said.
LoverlyLavender: "It's alright, no one takes me seriously, and I don't expect you to"
Serratenshi: "Damn. Well someone's been spiking your drinks, then. I've no idea what you're talking about."
LoverlyLavender: "It's your aura, it's been fragmented some how, your aura is your essence, the thing that makes you who you are and some witches can learn to see it by concentrating, you have two instead of one"
Serratenshi: "Lucky old me."
LoverlyLavender: "Hmm I suppose you wouldn't really care" she said.
LoverlyLavender: "Do you have a real reason to talk to me Mr Le Strange or whatever your name is?"
Serratenshi: He quirked a brow "Maghnus is just fine. Mag, if you prefer. It's up to you. And yes, I do. Like I said - I'm worried. It's cold this time of year. Are you sure it's wise to be living in a tent?"
LoverlyLavender: "It's a magical tent, it has heating spells, two bedrooms and a spa, I'm fine, its allot nicer then the annex actually" Lavender said raising an eye brow.
Serratenshi: "A spa, eh?"
Serratenshi: He grinned, running a hand through his hair again, taking a drag of his cigarette.
LoverlyLavender: "Yes, a spa" she said her face completely blank.
LoverlyLavender: "Why do you want to use it with Ginny? Just like the couch you had sex on in our annex?"
Serratenshi: He snorted, looking at her out of the corner of his eye "...you're very uncomfortable about sex aren't you?"
LoverlyLavender: "I just think it's stupid" she said with a small shrug.
Serratenshi: "...but how can you say that if you've never done it?"
LoverlyLavender: "Because I see the damage it does to other people and besides one of the reasons why I'm uncomfortable with it because I don't think the people in this school are mature enough to deal with it, they use it to manipulate people or for their own selfish reasons" lavender admitted blushing and it was obvious she'd thought about it.
Serratenshi: "Not everyone does. I don't." he said, lying through his teeth, but managing to look perfectly honest, for a moment. He looked up at her, grey eyes boring in to hers.
LoverlyLavender: "Yeah you do, you're the biggest jerk I've ever met" Lavender laughed.
Serratenshi: "But you said yourself you don't know me, so why would you say a thing like that, hrm?"
LoverlyLavender: "Because I know you're not in love with Ginny or whatever and she's totally into you, duh" Lavender said rolling her eyes.
Serratenshi: "How do you know I'm 'not in love with Ginny'?"
LoverlyLavender: "Because you haven't mentioned her once during this entire conversation and all you ever do is comment to Millicent about weird stuff, it's obvious and sickening really, no wonder Ginny got so jealous"
Serratenshi: "...you think I'm...in love with Millie, or something?" he smirked, clearly genuinely amused.
LoverlyLavender: "No not in love with Millie as you called her, but you're not in love with Ginny either"
Serratenshi: "So?"
LoverlyLavender: "Well you just said that you don't use sex for your own selfish reasons, Ginny is in love with you and you're obviously just using her so that seems pretty selfish to me"
Serratenshi: "Using her for what, exactly?" he probed, curiously.
LoverlyLavender: "I don't know I'm not you" Lavender snapped.
LoverlyLavender: "And I don't even know why I'm talking to you about this because it's none of my business" she added pulling her cloak closer and shivering slightly.
Serratenshi: "Exactly. None of your business, and you're not me, so stop assuming things..." he looked away, his face the perfect picture of hurt and bitterness, as if he actually gave a damn (which, of course, he didn't) "You know it's pretty fucking hurtful to hear this shit about me...you don't know me. You don't know what I'm like."
LoverlyLavender: Lavender still stared at him warily.
LoverlyLavender: "No I don't but that doesn't mean I have to automatically trust you, you are a very creepy person I'm sorry but thats the truth"
Serratenshi: He bit his bottom lip, discarding his second cigarette butt, still managing to look upset.
LoverlyLavender: "I'
LoverlyLavender: "I'm sorry if I upset you, I was just answering your stupid question about sex which you felt the need to ask"
Serratenshi: "Sorry. Fuck. This is the last time I give a damn about someone...you want to stereotype me? You want to call me creepy and assume I'm an evil, wicked, bad person?" he turned to look at her "I came out here to help you, and you threw it back in my face!"
LoverlyLavender: "Help me?" Lavender asked.
Serratenshi: "Help you. You know? Offer you assistance!?"
LoverlyLavender: "Why? We're not friends, we don't even know each other so why the hell are you interested in helping me?"
Serratenshi: "It's just the kind of person that I Am." he smiled, sweetly.
LoverlyLavender: "But why do you think I need help?" she asked warily.
Serratenshi: "You sound like you do.... you're suffering from headaches, aren't you? You're in pain. You look sick."
LoverlyLavender: " I'm not in pain, I feel fine" Lavender said stiffly.
Serratenshi: "You're lying."
LoverlyLavender: "No I'm not, I've been to the school nurse and I'm physically fine, I'm not sick" she said firmly.
Serratenshi: "Perhaps not in a way that Madame Pomfrey can detect." he said, delicately, eyes locked on hers, almost as though he was searching her for something.
LoverlyLavender: Lavender stared into his eyes feeling more and more uncomfortable, like a small fluffy animal being stared down by a snake.
LoverlyLavender: "I'm fine really, thank you for your concern though"
Serratenshi: He laughed shortly, shaking his head "Yes, of course. Well if it ever becomes too much to bear..." he fixed her in his gaze again, eyes narrowing slightly "And it will...." he paused again "Let me know. I can help."
LoverlyLavender: "I'll keep that in mind" she said uneasily.
Serratenshi: He turned to go, walking back up towards the castle, turning around for a brief moment "Goodbye, Lavender." he grinned, "I can help you. You just have to let me."
LoverlyLavender: Lavender stared at him and drew her cloak closer her skin breaking out in Goosebumps, as she watched him walk away she could see the two aura's red and black, the black one however was stronger.
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