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Harry/Blaise - Shower fun

Characters: Harry (Beth) and Blaise (Lola)
Location: The Annex, Harry's bedroom and the Bathroom
Rating: R I suppose, for sexual references and a bit of action...

Summary: Blaise stops by to see Harry after talking with Malcolm, they discuss, life and love and do a bit of kissing - in the shower! (the timelines are a bit screwy as this was rp'd over a few weeks, and what was almost a month ago has been brought fwd, by accident, but you can forgive us that can’t you? We bring Naked!Dancing!Harry to you).

blahbleeblooblah: Harry blinked and stared at the painting. It wasn't coming out right, but his abstract stuff was never really that well. He paused and listened to the CD player shift cds, and realized that he'd left that Beastie Boys cd in for a while. Grinning, he looked at the painting and made a careful stroke with his brush. Harry didn't notice that he was tapping his barefoot against the floor and dancing a little. He looked down at his paint splattered chest and legs, and realized he needed to take a shower before Blaise got back from classes. Hearing the cd player shift to 'Intergalactic Planetary’, he grinned and set down the paintbrush, and started dancing as he set about getting ready for a shower, bobbing his head and shaking his hips a little bit. Reaching over to the Cd player, he turned it up.

Girl Zabini: Blaise entered the annex and noticed Harry's door was unusually ajar, she put down her bag on the table and pushed open the door a little, she leaned on the door frame watching him dance around the room, She smiled and cleared her throat "What sort of dance do you call that Potter?" she smirked at him

blahbleeblooblah: Harry froze, and turned around to look at her. He smirked and started dancing a little wilder, this time, turning around and shaking his butt. "A mating dance, of course. Is it working?"

Girl Zabini: She rolled her eyes "Maybe! Why are you in such a good mood" she sighed and pushed her hair out of her eyes, tired but glad to be home and with Harry

blahbleeblooblah: Harry stopped dancing and caught her in a hug, kissing the top of her head and shutting the door completely. "Eh, I woke up and didn't have anything to do, and I decided that painting half-naked would be the thing to do. And now you're here, so... that's why."

Girl Zabini: She managed a smile and hugged him back "I’m glad to be here, away from everyone staring at me, I told Malcolm and now he's told the world" she sighed again and sat down on his unmade bed, moving a pair of boxer shorts out of the way

blahbleeblooblah: Harry froze, and blinked. Then blinked again. "You told Malcolm today?"

Girl Zabini: She nodded "He was taking it so well, too well really. You know, it was as if he couldn't care less until I mentioned you"

blahbleeblooblah: Harry sat down next to her, pulling one of her hands into his lap and holding it. "He's just mad I'm handsome-er than he is," he joked.

Girl Zabini: She didn't smile "yes." she said distractedly "I’ve just been in the computer room and he's announced it on his journal, how his girlfriend has run off with Harry Potter" she squeezed his hand gently "The worst thing is, is all over Christmas I felt terrible for what I was doing to him, and he doesn't care, he wouldn't have minded, he's only annoyed now because his pride has been injured"

blahbleeblooblah: Harry had shifted, putting his arm around Blaise's shoulders and pulling her back against his chest. "He didn't deserve your loyalty or your kindness, Blaise. You should be appreciated when you are around and missed when you are not, and I'm only sorry for the fact that he is too stupid to realize how fantastic you are," he said, kissing her hair. "He's probably just putting on a show, as it is. It's not easy for a Slytherin to accept that he got trumped by a Gryffindor, and a 'pansy' one at that," he growled.

Girl Zabini: Blaise relaxed finally and laughed "you're not a pansy" she said planting a kiss on his cheek, "I can testify to that"

blahbleeblooblah: He made a face. "I'd beat the shit out of him, and he knows it," he said gruffly, frowning. He softened when Blaise kissed him on the cheek. "I remember putting him on his ass in DADA several times," he said, finally. Sighing, he flopped back on the bed. "So Malcolm told everyone?" he asked, looking at the ceiling

Girl Zabini: Blaise smiled at him before joining him, lying down next to him, her head on his shoulder "Yes, he's told everyone, I'm sorry I shouldn't have told him it was you, he just started going on and about you and all this stuff, and I just got so cross with him"

blahbleeblooblah: Harry laughed. "Why wouldn't I want you to tell him who it was? You didn't think I still wanted to keep this all under wraps still, did you?" he asked.

Girl Zabini: "You don't? I thought that was what you wanted, I was hoping you wouldn't be cross with me for letting it slip to Malcolm" She suddenly felt very stupid, and frowned at him laughing.

blahbleeblooblah: "If anything, he saved me the time and trouble of telling every body myself - even though I may do it anyway," he smiled.

Girl Zabini: she smiled back at him and nestled against him "So it’s okay then?" she asked listening to his heart beat and walking her fingers up and down his chest

blahbleeblooblah: Harry kissed her briefly. "Of course it is. I'm glad," he said. "I just wish that you didn't have to deal with all the backlash that's going to come - the school is going to go ape-shit over this," he said.

Girl Zabini: "I'll be fine, it’s not as people were overtly friendly towards me before, besides I have you" she said calmly raising herself on one elbow and kissing him soundly

blahbleeblooblah: "Yeah you do," he agreed, kissing her back and running his hands up her sides. "You know I'm covered in paint, right?" he smiled. "I just... you know there's a good possibility that this might make a headline, or that there will be pictures taken...” he sighed.”I didn't want to drag you into this, but I just wanted you so bad..."

Girl Zabini: "I don't care about the paint and I don't care about stupid headlines and photos, besides we're safe here at Hogwarts aren't we?" she asked "we'll cope" she added "do you always paint half naked?"

blahbleeblooblah: "well, I used to paint fully naked, but then I realized I needed somewhere to wipe my hands." he deadpanned.

Girl Zabini: She looked momentarily shocked before her eyes narrowed at him "Idiot, stop playing with me"

blahbleeblooblah: He smiled and rolled on top of her, relaxing and putting a hand in her hair. "When are you going to tell your parents?" he asked, not wanting to press issues with her, but feeling like it was semi-necessary.

Girl Zabini: "when they ask me if I have a boyfriend or where Malcolm is" she said flippantly, "Or when I get a howler from my mother after Malcolm writes to her" she made a face "he's being an idiot"

blahbleeblooblah: Harry nodded. "You should probably tell them before they have to ask - wouldn't that smooth things over, you think?" he asked. "I mean, maybe I shouldn't speak - I don't really have parents - but I think I would want to know before I had to find out. Besides, if you get a hold of it, you can put spins on it instead of just dealing with whatever Malcolm spits out," he said.

Girl Zabini: "I don't really talk about my life with my parents" she admitted carefully "Mother talks at me and I answer the necessary questions, a letter from me telling her about my new boyfriend would see odd, uncharacteristic, although I do see your point" she took a breath, "with Mother its best to let her rant and just take the punishment, besides she will believe Malcolm over me"

blahbleeblooblah: Harry nodded. "Does your mother wear the pants in the family?"
Girl Zabini: "Pretty much" she made a face "Father intervenes occasionally but mostly he doesn't get involved"

blahbleeblooblah: Harry curled up next to her, leaving a hand on her leg. "What is your family like? I'm interested," he said. "Like, your brother and sister..."

Girl Zabini: "you're interested?" she laughed "I’m sure you've met my sister, or seen her around, she's a little brat. Richard is alright, distant but alright"

blahbleeblooblah: "Your little sister had the goat, right? And is friends with that first year Gryffindor... uh... Ruet, something right?"

Girl Zabini: "yes" Blaise nodded "I think the goat is no longer in her possession and she's not speaking to Star's little sister, Angel on account of her dating Draco"

blahbleeblooblah: "hahaha, well maybe we'll give her something to gloat about, since apparently that ickle firstie had a big crush on me.." he grinned. "Richard's distant, hm? Why don't you tell me what he did?" he asked, tickling her side, knowing she wouldn't say anything.

Girl Zabini: "I’d turn into a toad" she squirmed away from his fingers "you wouldn't want to have a toad for a girlfriend would you now?"

blahbleeblooblah: Harry laughed. "If I kissed you would you turn back?"

Girl Zabini: "perhaps" she smiled at him "perhaps not"

blahbleeblooblah: "Well then we'd better not chance it, hrm?” He smiled, and then looked at her concernedly. "But besides Malcolm being a prat, you're alright, right?"

Girl Zabini: she smiled and put her arms round his neck, pulling him towards her "right"

blahbleeblooblah: He kissed her softly. "Good, because I've already got a list against that man, and if he did anything else, I'd have to stick my wand up that impeccably bred, pureblood arse of his," he grinned.

blahbleeblooblah: "Who's got a better one, you think?” he said, rolling over and shaking his butt.

Girl Zabini: "Do I even need to answer that?" She asked giving his bottom a squeeze

blahbleeblooblah: "Yes." he pouted.

Girl Zabini: "you know yours is the best" she said smiling sweetly "now are you going to kiss me again or just wiggle your bottom around?"

blahbleeblooblah: "I could do both," he suggested wickedly, moving in to kiss her deeply, curling his hands around her wrists.

Girl Zabini: "Mmmhmm" she agreed kissing him back "you're multitalented" she managed between kisses "I’m a lucky girl"

blahbleeblooblah: "You are," he grinned. "But you better be careful or I'll have to give you a tongue lashing," he said. Pulling back, he smiled and kissed her forehead. "I stink of boy-sweat and I'm covered in paint and I feel disgusting

blahbleeblooblah: I think I ought to take a shower," he said.

Girl Zabini: "okay," she said trying to keep the disappointment out of her voice, "I can wait, I’ll wait here"

blahbleeblooblah: "Who said you had to wait?" He asked from the doorway to his bathroom, dropping his boxers and disappearing into the doorway.

Girl Zabini: Blaise's eyes nearly popped out of her head, she just stared after Harry. "I-" she wasn't really sure what to say to that. she hopped off the bed and peered round the bathroom door

blahbleeblooblah: Harry had already turned on the shower, where bundles of steam were coming from. "You can join me, or just sit in here and talk to me. Tell me about your day," he offered from under the water.

Girl Zabini: Blaise leant against the sink, slightly to the left of the shower, she was glad she wasn't wearing her robes; it was already quite warm in the bathroom. She hesitated, not quite confident enough to go jumping into the shower naked but not quite wanting to sit there and chat, she stood there, not saying anything, wondering what she was supposed to do.

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Nervous, love?" he asked her softly, sticking his head out of the shower. "Or just nothing interesting to say?"

Girl Zabini: "I'm not nervous" she said a bit too quickly, she looked over at him, his hair was hanging in his eyes and she stepped forward to brush it away.

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Liar," he challenged playfully. "But I don't blame you, I'd be intimidated to, as sexy as I am," he said after she had brushed her hands through his hair, turning around and shaking his butt at her.

Girl Zabini: She blushed "Just get clean" she said brusquely "I don't have all day you know"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry frowned, and looked like he was pondering something. Reaching forward, he grabbed Blaise and hauled her into the shower, pressing her against the back wall gently, under the spray.

Girl Zabini: "Potter!" she yelped "I’m getting soaked, what do you think you're playing at?"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Getting you wet," he said suggestively. "Don't you like it?" he asked her, gripping her sweater in his hands. "Oh no, Blaise, you really should get out of these sopping wet clothes," he grinned, keeping her pinned.

Girl Zabini: she blushed again "well I might need some help with that" she looked up at him "do you think you can do that?"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "On my way," he said, lifting the shirt over her head and chucking it out back on to the bathroom floor, where it landed with a flop. "I really needed someone to rub my back, you understand," he whispered, kissing her along her neck briefly, while his hands slid down to unbutton her skirt and slide it down her legs. "I can't reach," he added for clarification.

Girl Zabini: "Really?" she said "Just your back?" she grinned and kissed him hard on the mouth, her fingernails lightly scratching down his back

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry groaned but pulled back. "Maybe," he said, grinning as he pulled the rest of her clothes off, and undid the loose pony tail she was wearing. "Maybe I just wanted some company," he offered.

Girl Zabini: she smiled and grabbed the shower gel "Turn round then, so I can do your back"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry turned down the shower head, and sat down on the tub, turning his back towards Blaise. "If you insist," he said.

Girl Zabini: she lathered the gel over his back and then began to soap his hair with shampoo, massaging his scalp gently "I do insist" she said "you wanted to get clean" she smiled as she played with his hair, twirling the ends into devil's horns

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry sighed when she felt her hands go into her hair, feeling happier than he ever remembered. "This is the first time anyone has washed my hair for me," he said to her, his head resting on his knees.

Girl Zabini: she smiled and leant forward to kiss his shoulder "I think its one of the nicest things, so relaxing" she said now massaging his shoulders.

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry moved his head weakly in agreement. "How bad has it been for you, Blaise? How is everyone taking us?" he asked her, because she hadn't said anything to him about it.

Girl Zabini: "Its alright, it would be worse if we were still in the dorms" she admitted, her hands moving to his lower back. "No word from home either, which means that Mother either doesn't know or doesn't care. What about you? Malcolm hasn't been an idiot has he?"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "He's been too drunk to really notice, I think," he said, without thinking of how that would sound like to Blaise. "I'm fine as far as the Gryffindors, nearly all of them are dating some one from another house, and Ron's not said a thing, although I know that Hermione's bursting with curiosity to get at you," he said, laughing.

Girl Zabini: "Yeah he does that" she said in a dull voice "I feel like it’s my fault, I should probably talk to him..." she trailed off, "I'm surprised Weas- Ron hasn't said anything, and I have heard from Hermione" she smiled "She owled me"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "She did? Figures. Probably wants to check you for the mark or something," he sighed. "Blaise, don't be like that with Malcolm. He's got himself into his own mess," he said. "If he really cared about you like you want him to, he'd be man enough to be able to treat you civilly and not be a prat," he said.

Girl Zabini: "she can check away" Blaise replied displaying her arms "Not a blemish" she sighed again "I know you're right about Malcolm, I just feel bad, but that will pass" she put her arms round his neck and leant her head against his.

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry grabbed one of her arms and kissed the soft under flesh of her forearm, where the mark would be. "Not a blemish," he repeated softer. "It's alright love," he said when her head rested against his. "Of course you're going to feel responsible. I know that I would be," he said. "It means you’re compassionate, and you can't help being what you are. Malcolm will come around, and you should know that you can't force him either."

Girl Zabini: she smiled and kissed his cheek "stuff him" she said grinning "Oh I want to ask you something" she said changing the subject

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry nodded. "Anything," he said.

Girl Zabini: "Would you go with me to the Valentine dance?" she asked quietly

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry smiled, "Only if you'll come with me for what I have planned afterwards," he replied, kissing her hand and sighing happily.

Girl Zabini: "Does it involve anything life threatening or dirty?" she asked warily

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Depends on your definition of dirty," he replied, turning off the shower head and turning on the tap with the scented water and bubbles. Leaning back, he settled against Blaise and looked up at her, relaxed.

Girl Zabini: "Dirty like your room dirty" she said cheekily kissing him again

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "None of that," he promised faithfully. "It's getting so bad I don't even want to go in there," he said, pointing towards the door to his room.

Girl Zabini: "Me either" she agreed "Is that a hint then? You want to sleep in mine?"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "That might not be such a good idea," he said, nuzzling her neck. "You're tempting, and I may never go to sleep," he whispered. "I forgot to mention there'

o0 Smimmsie 0o: s a little secret about this Valentine's Day," he said.

Girl Zabini: she looked slightly disappointed at that, "what’s the secret?" she asked curiously

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "That after we get out of this tub and say goodnight, we can't touch until the Valentine's Dance," he said. "It's very important," he said to her.

Girl Zabini: "what?!" she hoped she didn't sound whiney, she really hoped. "How are we supposed to dance without touching?"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "I said until the Valentine's Dance," he said, holding her hands. "Trust me?" he asked, kissing her knuckles.

Girl Zabini: she pouted "Yes, but I’m not happy"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "You can't not touch me for like, two days?" he asked her. "I mean, I know I'm irresistible, but love me for my mind, woman," he said, grinning at her.

Girl Zabini: "you should be flattered" she said "besides, it only makes it worse when someone says you can't do something" she sighed "but I trust you Potter - no touching till the dance"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "It only starts at dawn tomorrow," he said, grinning at her. "So you can touch me almost all you want now," he said.

Girl Zabini: "Oh can I now, thank you kindly" she smirked and ruffled his hair. She pressed herself against him for a moment "its cold, we ought to get dry"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry nodded, standing up weakly and grabbing a towel. Stepping out of the tub, he wrapped one around his waist and pulled out one for Blaise. When she stepped out of the tub, he wrapped the towel around her and hugged her.

Girl Zabini: she put her arms round him and held him tightly, tilting her head up for a kiss

o0 Smimmsie 0o: He smiled and obliged, kissing her and sighing happily and sleepily against her lips. "It's going to be hard not touching you," he said softly, burying his face in her neck and inhaling deeply.

Girl Zabini: "and you said it was ONLY two days!" she smiled and kissed his cheek

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "It could be worse," he said, slipping his hands underneath her towel and resting his hands against her butt, smiling at her. "You wanna know how?" he asked, his hand travelling around to draw circles on her stomach.

Girl Zabini: "How?" she replied hoarsely

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "I could walk around the annex naked," he said, slipping a hand up to cup her breast. "I could l eave you little dirty notes in all your books," he said, kissing the hollow of her throat. "I could whisper all sorts of things to you in class in parseltongue, too." Just to prove that he could, he let out a small string of syllables in her ear, knowing that she would have no idea what he was saying. His hands flipped across her nipple briefly.

Girl Zabini: she shivered as he touched her "that’s not very fair" she managed to get out, getting her own back by running her hands up the inside of his thigh "besides, I could do the same - apart from the parseltongue and you don't want me wandering round here naked do you? not for everyone else to see?"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry bit his lip. "I suppose you could... I wouldn't stop you, it is your body after all," he said in a tight tone, "but I don't want anyone to get ideas about you. I don't ever plan to fuck up enough to where you might get away and someone will spring themselves on you," he said, grinning.

Girl Zabini: she smiled and kissed him, pressing herself against him "you know I wouldn’t wander round naked, not in a million years" she whispered into his ear "there's only one person I want to see that"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Who's that, now?" he asked, pulling her robe off of her, sliding his hands across her skin gently.

Girl Zabini: "you have to ask?" she said pulling him down for a long lingering kiss

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Feed my ego, Blaise. I'm in desperate need of it," he half joked to her after he finished kissing her.

Girl Zabini: she leant her head against his chest "if you like." she said sensing that he needed to be told, "I love you Harry" she said holding him tightly "and only you can see me naked" she said smiling

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry almost immediately started shaking, staring down at Blaise with wide eyes. "You...." he said softly, not really believing his ears.”Blaise.." he said, leaning down to kiss her, smothering her with a hundred kisses all at once.

Girl Zabini: she was a bit taken aback by his reaction, but kissed him back, she rubbed his back soothingly.

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "I love you too," he said into her ear, feeling suddenly so much freer. "Blaise... I don't know what to say other than that, but I just... I feel ..." he struggled with words and just sighed against her neck, pulling her with him out of the bathroom and onto the bed.

Girl Zabini: she lay down next to him on the bed; her hands twined with his, unsure what to say. "you ok?" she asked softly "I didn't mean to..."

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry smiled at her, putting a hand in her hair and drawing her to him for a small kiss.”Of course I'm okay... Jesus, Blaise, I'm better than okay. My heart just feels like it's going to burst," he started. "I'm just so happy," he said, as if not believing it.

Girl Zabini: she smiled and then looked sad, realising that he obviously not been happy that often. she kissed him gently "good, stay happy" she said

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "If you stay here, I will," he whispered sleepily, wrapping his body around her and burying his face in her neck.

Girl Zabini: "I’ll stay" she said curling up against him "but only till dawn right?"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry nodded. "I'll wake you," he said softly, kissing her on the lips.

Girl Zabini: "night" she said kissing him back

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Goodnight," he replied, closing his eyes and settling into sleep.
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