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Girl Weasley: Kit spied Lavender sitting at a table on her own in the library, he slid into the seat next to her and gave her a grin "How's my favourite Gryffindor?" he asked her
colinlovesginger: "What about Ginny?" Lavender asked with an amused smile.
Girl Weasley: Kit pretended to look shocked "Damn she'll kill me! okay, one of my favourite Gryffindors then"
colinlovesginger: "Well to answer your question I'm fine, how are you?" Lavender asked politely.
Girl Weasley: "Not too bad" he said leaning his chin on his hands "I shouldn't complain"
colinlovesginger: "So your head boy duties aren't too stressful then?" Lavender smiled.
Girl Weasley: "very stressful, it's why I have no life" he said gloomily
colinlovesginger: "You have no life? try being me! believe me I'm the one who has no life" Lavender pointed out.
Girl Weasley: "Oh really? want to compare? How do you have no life - you're engaged aren't you to that Malfoy bloke"
colinlovesginger: "Yes but it's a fake marriage because he is well kinda gay and he's dating some one else, plus every boy I ever like always ends up falling in love with Star Ruet" Lavender remarked rolling her eyes.
Girl Weasley: "Really? Every girl I ever loved always ends up leaving" he said smiling. "We're quite a pair hmm?"
colinlovesginger: "Yes rather pathetic, but at least you've had recent relationships I haven't dated any one in three years" Lavender said in a mock-scandalised tone of voice.
Girl Weasley: "Why not? That's a crime" he said "you're so pretty"
colinlovesginger: Lavender blushed at that comment and a small smile crossed her face " Oh I don't know, boys just never seem to like me" she said shrugging her shoulders.
Girl Weasley: "Bollocks" He replied "I think you just didn't want to date anyone, bad previous relationship?" he asked
colinlovesginger: "Well he was a drug addict" Lavender admitted.
Girl Weasley: Kit raised his eyebrows "Not good"
colinlovesginger: "Yes and then he slept with Star Ruet, like I said every boy I've ever liked falls for her" Lavender said a little bitterly.
Girl Weasley: Kit patted her hand a little awkwardly "He obviously wasn't right for you"
colinlovesginger: "Meh Buddha says we have to have bad experiences so we can learn from them, there's no sense in regretting anything" she said in a singsong tone of voice.
Girl Weasley: "True, never date a drug addict" he said
colinlovesginger: Lavender burst out laughing " Yes I suppose that is a rather good lesson, so how about you? last I heard you were dating the old head girl"
Girl Weasley: "Yeah didn't really work out" he said "I dunno it just fizzled out, my fault I suppose"

colinlovesginger: "Why was it your fault?" Lavender asked curiously.
Girl Weasley: "just didn't make the effort, we just drifted apart after the summer, she was with her band and I was at home, besides I never really felt like
Girl Weasley: she liked me that much, more that she tolerated me and felt sorry for me" he stopped, knowing he'd said too much, embarrassed
colinlovesginger: "Why would she tolerate and feel sorry for you? you're so confident and sure of yourself"
Girl Weasley: "you see me like that? wow, no I'm not like that at all" he said honestly
colinlovesginger: "But you are! I mean you actually talk to people and you're nice and not a total sleaze bag" Lavender blushed again.
Girl Weasley: he smiled as she blushed "I'm just as insecure as everyone else, ask Tale"
colinlovesginger: "I don't really know Tale all that well, we kinda have this whole disliking each other thing going on"
Girl Weasley: "Really? how come? hardly any girls like her, its odd"
colinlovesginger: " I don't know it was a long time ago when this feud started, generally speaking I get along better with blokes when it comes to having friends"
Girl Weasley: "What about your housemate, Parvati I thought you two were good friends?"
colinlovesginger: "Yeah but she's not around that much anymore now is she?" Lavender said with a small smile.
colinlovesginger: "So what are you doing here anyway?" she asked curiously.
Girl Weasley: "Loitering" he said pleasantly "oh and hiding from the head girl"
colinlovesginger: "She's that bad huh?"
Girl Weasley: "Oh dear merlin yes. Awful." he said "so I'm expecting you to hide me"
colinlovesginger: "And how am I going to do that?" Lavender asked leaning forward curiously.
Girl Weasley: "Hide me under the table and say you've never set eyes on me"
colinlovesginger: "Oooo I think she's coming in now Kit" Lavender smiled playfully.
Girl Weasley: "shit, really?" he said looking round and sliding off his chair under the table
colinlovesginger: Lavender burst out laughing " hey you just bumped into my ankle!" she cried.
Girl Weasley: "sorry" he whispered "Nice shoes" he commented
colinlovesginger: "Thank you, they cost over five hundred galleons"
Girl Weasley: "How much? my god that's expensive I wont' touch then"
colinlovesginger: "Five hundred, Draco bought them a few weeks ago.. he's always buying girls clothes, it's a bit weird honestly"
Girl Weasley: "I'll say" he said "Five hundred galleons" he whistled
colinlovesginger: "Oh that's nothing for Draco, he spent two thousand on a dress once"
Girl Weasley: "For someone else?"
colinlovesginger: "No" Lavender giggled.
Girl Weasley: Kit laughed "that must be a sight for sore eyes, Malfoy in a frock"
colinlovesginger: "He wears my clothes all the time, it's rather funny actually" Lavender laughed and then she peered underneath the desk " How are you doing under there?" she asked.
Girl Weasley: "alright, only slightly cramped. I hope he washes them" he added
colinlovesginger: Lavender smiled staring down at the cramped Kit " I throw them away afterwards actually" she admitted rolling her eyes.
Girl Weasley: "such decadent waste" he explained tugging on her ankle
colinlovesginger: 'would you want to wear clothing after Malfoy wore it all day?" she asked.
Girl Weasley: "Well no, but I'm not a dress sort of person, although these shoes are very nice" he said
colinlovesginger: "Thank you, I'd ask if you'd like to try them on but I don't think you would" Lavender said massaging her neck which was beginning to get a crick in it.
Girl Weasley: "I would too, I'm man enough to try on women's shoes" he said frowning slightly
colinlovesginger: "Oh this is annoying, mind if I join you?" Lavender asked rubbing her neck and before she gave him a chance to answer she ducked underneath the table.
Girl Weasley: He shifted to make room for her "welcome to my domain" he grinned
colinlovesginger: "I suppose you want to try on my shoes then" Lavender said pulling her left shoe off easily.
Girl Weasley: "oh go on then" he said slipping off his own "you can try mine if you like" he picked up her shoe "I feel like Cinderella"
colinlovesginger: "And I feel like a boy with smelly feet" Lavender laughed flexing her toes as she put the shoe on.
Girl Weasley: "I don't have smelly feet" he said managing to get her shoe on half of his foot, "you have small feet" he said
colinlovesginger: "No you just have very big feet and you know what they say about big feet" Lavender began.
Girl Weasley: "Big shoes" he laughed taking off her shoe and handing it back to her
colinlovesginger: "Yes" Lavender laughed blushing bright red as she took Kit's shoe off.
Girl Weasley: Kit grinned and tickled her foot
colinlovesginger: "Hey that's no fair!" Lavender squealed helplessly.
Girl Weasley: "seems fair to me, you could always tickle my foot"
colinlovesginger: "Why are you ticklish there?" Lavender asked mischievously.
Girl Weasley: "Not my most ticklish place, but I was just trying to be fair"
colinlovesginger: "Hmm and where is your most ticklish place then, is it here?" Lavender asked tickling his stomach with her fingers.
Girl Weasley: "T-there" he gasped as she tickled, "stop it"
colinlovesginger: "I don't think so" Lavender grinned wickedly tickling him harder.
Girl Weasley: he laughed and tried to push her off, retaliating by tickling her
colinlovesginger: Lavender squealed and fell forwards attempting to push him off as well " you are worse then my little sister" she cried.
Girl Weasley: "Oh dear that was evil! am I that bad" he said catching her as she fell and steadying her
colinlovesginger: "Hmmm maybe not that bad" she mused " I mean you've never stolen my make up or attempted to use my cat in some weird charms experiment" she admitted.
Girl Weasley: "of course not, I quite like cats"
colinlovesginger: "Me too. you should meet Miss Georgie Pur ball, she's the cutest thing ever" Lavender said seriously.
Girl Weasley: "ever?"
colinlovesginger: "Yes, ever" Lavender said promptly.
Girl Weasley: "Well I'll have to meet her then"
colinlovesginger: "Yes you will" Lavender smiled.
Girl Weasley: "well next time Miss Purball is free, you just let me know"
colinlovesginger: "I'm sure she'll be free at Tuesday, around seven?" Lavender asked.
Girl Weasley: "It's a date" he replied

colinlovesginger: "Ok, we should probably get out from under here.. I bet she's gone by now"
Girl Weasley: "you go first" he said "just in case she's still here"
colinlovesginger: Lavender chuckled quietly and crawled out from underneath the table.
colinlovesginger: "It's all clear" she said as she sat back down in her chair.
Girl Weasley: "positive?" he asked her, tugging on her ankle to get her attention
colinlovesginger: "Positive" Lavender said firmly.
Girl Weasley: "okay I'm coming out" he said his hand still lingering on her ankle
colinlovesginger: " You have successfully avoided the head girl, congratulations" Lavender smirked.
Girl Weasley: He slunk out from under the table and into the chair "Phew, lucky me"
colinlovesginger: "Yes accept next time I'd advise you to go to the three dimensional arrhythmic section, nobody ever goes there"
Girl Weasley: "Noted, although then I wouldn't have such great company"
colinlovesginger: "Well I'll be sure to pop my head in every now and then, just to make sure you don't get lost"
Girl Weasley: "you're too good to me" he said smiling at her
colinlovesginger: "No I'm too good to every one" she replied and then she rubbed her temples worriedly.
Girl Weasley: "you ok?" he asked staring at her "headache? I've got some paracetamol if you want some"
colinlovesginger: "I don't know..just a weird feeling that I've forgotten something" Lavender admitted.
colinlovesginger: "What's paracetamol?" she asked him.
Girl Weasley: "Muggle headache cure"
colinlovesginger: "Oh right... so it's like a potion then?" Lavender asked doubtfully.
Girl Weasley: "tablet, you swallow them with a drink" he explained, "it's not dangerous"
colinlovesginger: "One time Draco gave me a Muggle pill at a club and the next day I woke up wearing some one else's pants, it was weird"
Girl Weasley: "Oh no this isn't anything like that" Kit said looking worried "You don't have to take it we can go to the infirmary and get you a potion if you'd feel happier with that"
colinlovesginger: "No it's ok, I trust you and your Muggle cures" Lavender said after a moments thought.
Girl Weasley: "I don't' want you to take it if you're not sure" he said still disturbed by what she'd said about Draco
colinlovesginger: "No it's ok I mean it'll only fix my head right? I could really use it"
Girl Weasley: "yup won't do anything else" he said "I'll take one too if that will make you eel better" he said getting out a blister pack of pills and popping two into her palm
colinlovesginger: "Ok, here goes" Lavender said bravely popping the pills into her mouth.
Girl Weasley: Kit handed her a bottle of water after he quickly swallowed his own
colinlovesginger: Lavender gulped the water down and the pills before frowning.
Girl Weasley: "what's wrong" he asked "you alright?"
colinlovesginger: "I was expecting it to work strait away"
Girl Weasley: Kit smiled "It will take about 20 minutes to work, you need to digest it" he explained
colinlovesginger: "Digest it? wow" Lavender said her eyes widening " Muggle really do things differently" she mused.
Girl Weasley: Kit nodded "Yeah not as effective as the potion but they're pretty good"
colinlovesginger: "How do you know about all this Muggle stuff?"
Girl Weasley: "My mother is Muggle" he explained "Away from Hogwarts I live pretty much like a Muggle"
colinlovesginger: "Wow that must be really interesting! does that mean you go to those things where the pictures move and talk?" Lavender asked eagerly.
Girl Weasley: "Cinema? yeah they're good have you never been?"
colinlovesginger: "I went once with my friend Parvati, we saw this thing about this ship and it sunk, every one died accept the girl who kinda looks like Ginny.. it was very sad" Lavender said sombrely.
Girl Weasley: "Titanic?" Asked Kit "My mum loves that film"
colinlovesginger: "Yes that was it! merlin it was so sad when that guy whom kinda looks like Skylar died, I cried and cried! I've always wanted to see it again but I don't think it's playing anymore" Lavender sighed.
Girl Weasley: "no not for a while but mum has it at home, so you can watch it just on a smaller screen" he explained
colinlovesginger: "You can watch them on smaller screens? like the computers?"
Girl Weasley: "yes exactly, you should come over in the holidays you can watch it then if you like" he said

colinlovesginger: "Ok, it'll be good to escape from France for awhile, and the wedding plans" Lavender sighed rolling her eyes.
colinlovesginger: (( YAY))
Girl Weasley: Kit looked slightly sad "I keep forgetting you're engaged"
colinlovesginger: "It's not like I want to be, basically the situation was marry this guy or...bad things will happen" Lavender sighed.

Girl Weasley: he put his hand on hers "well if you want to escape you're welcome to come visit me" he said warmly
colinlovesginger: "Ok I will" Lavender replied staring at his hand.

Girl Weasley: He flushed and removed his hand quickly running his hand through his hair "I should get going, head boy nonsense" he explained smiling at her "Thank you for hiding me,
Girl Weasley: I suppose I'll be seeing you when I turn up for my date with Miss Purball"
colinlovesginger: "Yeah I guess so, of course I'll have to leave at some point to leave you two alone, goodbye Kit" Lavender said turning back to the school work she'd neglected.
Girl Weasley: "Well I don't know if that would be a good idea, I think we should have a chaperone for our first date. See you later Lavender" he said smiling at her before leaving

Kit and Lavender hide under a table, rated PG
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