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It'll seem more like a song and less like it's math...

Severus Snape and Star Ruet. Star's going away. Severus gives her a 'proper' sendoff. NC-17. Hard and rough sexcapades.

Serratenshi: Star had been made aware that the following morning, she'd be collected from her common room by her step-father, 'Mr Parkinson' (known fondly as 'that man'). Curiously, this particular revelation was inhibiting her ability to sleep. She realised she hadn't long before Sneeveley and the other members of the club attempted to 'shut her up'. So far, she'd lucked out with only speaking about the club with people who already knew about it. No pain. She'd taken a chance, and luck was on her side. Maybe karma was finally giving her a break.

Her decision to go and see her head of house was an impulsive one. She hadn't really expected Professor Snape to back up Dumbledore so heavily vis a vis her expulsion at the meeting the day before. She'd always gotten the impression that he quite liked her - she'd never had a detention for being late to potions - however, she supposed, 'threatening death against other students' was too much of a serious issue for even teachers who quite liked her, to ignore.

She pulled on the first available clothes she could find - her school skirt, and a low-cut, nicely fitted black shirt - and made her way to Professor Snape's study.

Standing before the door, she hesitated a moment, before raising her small fist and knocking.
just t0nks: Severus had overslept for the first time in years. The fifteen minute change made his morning shower carry on to what he'd normally take as his breakfast time. He'd have to skip it that morning if he was to finish grading essays by second session. He'd just popped out of the shower and thrown on his robe as the door was knocked upon. He fastened it, thinking anyone who would call on him that early in the morning must be having a crisis.

He was less than amused to see Star Ruet standing there. She was supposed to be going home in a matter of hours, or so he thought. "Yes, Miss Ruet?"
Serratenshi: Star bit her lip, not entirely sure what she'd actually planned to say when brought face to face with the potions master. She swallowed, uneasily, shifting from foot to foot, playing with the hem of her skirt.

"Um...i'm sorry...for bothering you so early, Professor, it's just....I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?"
just t0nks: Surely, this was not the time to entertain a student in his quarters. A female student in his private quarters. Quite an attractive female student... "Yes, what is it?" He asked impatiently, feeling, well, rather naked.
Serratenshi: Star flushed, slightly. She'd only just noticed that Snape must have just gotten out of the shower. She'd been so intent upon not just opening the door and blabbing "VOLDEMORT IS IN MY HEAD" that she'd failed to take in the finer details of, well, what Professor Snape was wearing.

She struggled to surpress the burning sensation in her cheeks.

"Uh...it's got to do with...the reason I was expelled, sir..." she bit her lip again, trying to ensure that her eyes stayed firmly affixed to Snape's face and not...anywhere else. She'd always had a bit of a thing for the potions master, although she'd sooner have died than admit it to anybody. Just a stupid fantasy, really, when she'd first come to Hogwarts. Nothing more than that.
just t0nks: Severus pulled his robes tight around him. "I believe it's quite clear why you were expelled. How could you expect any other kind of reaction to your behaviour, Miss Ruet?"
Serratenshi: She bit her tongue from saying something sassy and suggestive about her behaviour, and how people usually reacted to it.

After all, she was here for business, not pleasure.

"No, no...i'm not questioning the grounds for my expulsion. I understand..." she looked up at him, her large blue eyes full of humble acceptance. And a twinkle of something else entirely. "It's more to do with...well...what I meant by the things I was saying to Lavender Brown..."

No jolt of pain. Not yet. Interesting.
just t0nks: "When one threatens anothers life it is very rare that other intentions are in mind, Miss Ruet," Severus tried his best to still look frigid in just a robe. He felt ridiculous.
Serratenshi: (( heheheh ))
Serratenshi: "I wasn't threatening her, though...not directly..." she murmured, choosing her words carefully "It was more a case of....passing along a message..." she looked at him, meaningfully.
just t0nks: He knew exactly what she meant. "Please, come in," he said, as if she'd said the magic password, and had now gained entrance.
Serratenshi: Star breathed a sigh of relief and, checking over her shoulder first to make sure nobody saw her go in, entered Snape's room.
just t0nks: Severus closed the door, making sure it shut, "Tell me everything. Start to finish," he said seriously.
Serratenshi: "I can't..." she said, warily "I really can't....it'll hurt...". She looked at the older man, surprised that he'd been so quick to believe her. Even Draco hadn't been this accepting. Nobody had treated it with anything approaching the solemnity and severity that it should have been approached with. But he was.

And he's wearing a bath-robe.

She tried not to flush again, or giggle.

Stop it, you stupid girl.
just t0nks: Severus nodded, "Would you be adverse to my reading your thoughts? Sometimes, I'm able to break through that kind of curse."
Serratenshi: Star shook her head, immediately, not really thinking for very long about what she was thinking about. "No, not at all. That would be fine."
just t0nks: Severus lead her to the trunk at the end of his bed, the only place to really sit. Other than his bed. Which was beyond crossing the line. He sat down next to her, "I want you to try to relax. Try to think of what you want to say."
Serratenshi: She nodded, taking a seat and smoothing her skirt over her thighs - it didn't quite reach her knees. In fact, it didn't even come close to reaching her knees. "Alright...."

She took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment, to focus.

You-who-know...he's behind this sparkly!club bullshit...Mr Sneeveley is his right-hand-man, or something. They're in league...they're trying to use us to get to Harry Potter...

She opened her eyes, satisfied that she was in a calm enough state to rationally think through everything she wanted to 'say' to Snape. She fixed her eyes on him again.

Merlin, he's attractive. You know, for an older wizard. But then, older wizards are attractive - so much more so than stupid little boys, like Draco and Skylar. I'm so sick of little boys...

Her mind wandered without her even being concious of it.
just t0nks: Severus heard his suspicions and his worst fears confirmed. He'd known it all along, it was too sudden, too dark to be normal.

And then her secondary thoughts came through. He broke off the connection immediately. Holy Hell. She finds me attractive. She... She's beautiful and- oh Gods! That skirt is obscene! The downside of being sex starved hit him again, and he felt more naked than ever. His robe tented.
Serratenshi: Star bit her lip, hard, and looked away, face far far pinker than usual. "Um....did you...uh...did you hear that?"
just t0nks: He cleared his throat, "Yes, I... I'm flattered, truly, but..." His brain simply ceased functioning for the moment as he looked up to her face.
Serratenshi: She paused "...I meant the first bit actually, but...oh Merlin...shit..." she ran a hand through her hair, distractedly, trying not to look him in the eye.
just t0nks: He didn't know what to say, but he was suddenly aware that he was clearly aroused in front of her, and without anything to cover it. He stood quickly, pulling his robes tight again, nothing really helping. "Perhaps you should go. Th-thank you for the information, Miss Ruet. I'll certainly speak it over with the Headmaster."
Serratenshi: She didn't move. Curious, but somehow she just couldn't. It occured to her, suddenly, that she was under no moral obligation to do so. What were they going to do, expell her?

"But i've got so much more to say!" she insisted, looking up at him, eyes trailing up his body slowly. "I haven't even begun to let you know all of it! And you said that's what you wanted! 'Everything, from start to finish.'!"
just t0nks: "It was a mistake to let you in my private quarters. Surely we can find another time to do this," he said seriously, his temper flaring as he grew more and more embarassed.
Serratenshi: "Why?" she stood up, looking at him seriously. "...um...Professor Snape, with all due respect - ....I...i'm not a student here, anymore, so..."
Serratenshi: (( man, if he resists, she just wont go :P shes like that. she'll dig her heels in. thrill of the chase! ))
just t0nks: ((haha))
just t0nks: "You petulant girl. You are playing with fire!" He exclaimed, his composure cracking nearly completely. She's right! She's no longer a student. She wants this. You want this. But it's wrong! Wrongwrongwrongwrong. Right.
Serratenshi: She couldn't help it. A slow smirk spread across her face. Perhaps it was his usage of the term 'Petulant Girl' in the assessment of her current behaviour, which was about the most accurate description of herself she'd heard in a long time. Or perhaps it was the warning that she was playing with fire.

Star liked fire. It was so bright and warm.

"Nothing wrong with playing with fire, if you don't mind getting burnt." she pointed out "And really, I have to say, I don't. Never have. Surely you've heard - I doubt my exploits have escaped the watchful eyes and ears of the Hogwarts staff. Or don't you listen to student gossip?" she eyed him, curiously.
just t0nks: Severus felt his heart race, "Student gossip rarely gives way to truth," he murmured, trying to calm down. Gods she was beautiful. Mad as a hatter, but beautiful. He looked her straight in the eye, "Fire can not only burn. It can char and scar. Leave its mark."
Serratenshi: She shrugged "I've had my fair share of chars and scars - and I do mean that literally." she half smirked, again, lowering her eyes to the floor "But, as you wish. I can leave."
just t0nks: Severus weighed everything in his mind. She wasn't a student. She was willing. And this would probably prove to be his last chance to have any kind of sex (that he didn't have to pay for) for the next year or so. He took a step towards her, using his height on her to his advantage, "I wonder, are all the rumors false?" He purred, his demeanor turning warm and sultry.
Serratenshi: She half grinned. Good. She was getting what she wanted, as usual. Perhaps it was true - nobody can resist me! Except Draco. He's gotten rather good at it. Terribly annoying, really.

"That would depend on which one's you've heard..." she replied, voice silky "...i'm not covered in scales from the waist-down..."
just t0nks: "No," he said, running a hand up her arm. "I've heard you fuck like a goddess."
Serratenshi: Star laughed, quietly. This was incredibly surreal. She felt almost light-headed.

"So that's what the teachers talk about in the staff-room, then? Who'd you hear that from? I don't recall spreading my legs for anyone else in the faculty..."
just t0nks: "Did you forget what house I head, Miss Ruet?" He purred, bringing her to him, pressing her soft body against his lean one.
Serratenshi: "How could I possibly?" she enquired, softly, hesitantly reaching out a hand and slipping it under the top of the folds of Snape's bathrobe, running her hand down his smooth chest. "...so Malfoy's been crowing about things a little too loudly, then?"
just t0nks: "Isn't he always?" He asked, cupping her face.
Serratenshi: "I wouldn't know, truthfully. I try to tune him out as much as possible - especially these days..." she murmured, slightly darkly.
just t0nks: Severus pulled her to him, his inhibitions leaving him as he pressed against her body. One hand cupped one of her supple breasts, letting his thumb find and stroke over the nipple.
Serratenshi: She felt her heart speed up in her chest, and took in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down a little. It was so bizarre, to be in a situation like this - bizarre, but totally, completely, utterly sexy. This older-men thing was fantastic. For once, she actually felt like she didn't have to do everything.

Her free hand slipped to Severus' waist, loosening the cord that was keeping his robe together.
just t0nks: Severus pushed his robe open, sliding it off his shoulders as he slid a hand up her skirt, stroking her soft thigh.
just t0nks: Severus pushed his robe open, sliding it off his shoulders as he slid a hand up her skirt, stroking her soft thigh.
Serratenshi: She whimpered softly, unable to help herself, looking up at Snape with dark eyes. "...You know, I think this is just about the most unacceptable thing i've ever done..."
just t0nks: Severus almost, ALMOST, smiled. "I doubt that," he said, his eyes on her lips, wanting to devour her whole. He wasn't kidding about playing with fire. When Severus wanted to have a good time, he wanted to have a good time.
Serratenshi: "No. Trust me. This definitely takes the biscuit..." she murmured, before reaching up to brush her lips across his, surprisingly gently at first - almost teasingly - her tongue flicking out to graze his bottom lip.
just t0nks: Severus pulled her to him, the teasing proving more than he could take. He took control of the kiss, cupping the back of her neck, pulling her to him, capturing her mouth fully.
Serratenshi: She moaned gently against his mouth, returning the kiss, hard, her tongue tangling with his. Somehow, this just seemed so right. It was really kind of screwed up, she reflected. But she wasn't going to let her brain get in the way of what she wanted. She hadn't before, and she sure as hell wasn't about to start now.
just t0nks: Severus hadn't felt this way in a very very long time. He reached around for the clasp of her too-short skirt. "I think you need a proper send off from Hogwarts," he purred, tugging the skirt off her hips, it falling to the ground with a small sound. Wrongwrongwrongwrongright.
Serratenshi: She smirked again, kicking the skirt away from her ankles, breaking the kiss to nuzzle her face against his neck, biting down gently in spot between his collar bone and jawline. She ran her tongue over the mark, sucking gently, determined to bruise him, if she could.

Char or scar, indeed.
Serratenshi: (( there should be a 'the' there somewhere. bah. ))
just t0nks: Severus let the girl have her fun, trying to mark him before picking her up easily, practically tossing her onto the bed. "I bet you've never been fucked by a real man," he growled.
Serratenshi: Normally, she would have laughed at that, but not this time. She landed softly on the bed, pulling herself in to a semi-upright position - lying on her back, upper body propped up on her elbows. "No." she replied "You're right, Proffessor. I haven't."

She tugged at the bottom of her black shirt, pulling it easily up over her head, tossing it to the ground, raising an eyebrow at him.
just t0nks: Severus crawled onto the bed, running a hand down her body, tugging her panties off easily, running a hand up her legs, spreading them gently, rubbing his naked cock across her thigh. "Don't lie," he growled, "This isn't a game," he said, slipping a finger inside her.
Serratenshi: She shivered - a ripple of pleasure coursing through her body already. It was odd, but when this had all started, Snape had seemed so...well...awkward. But now...

She drew in a sharp intake of breath as he slipped a finger inside her, breathing out in a quiet, breathy moan. "...not lying..." she managed, biting her bottom lip again. "Honestly."
just t0nks: Severus added another finger, ignoring her clit purposefully, "Scream it. Scream that you want me in you," he muttered. "I want to hear you beg for it," he purred, licking up her throat.
Serratenshi: She writhed slightly under him, her hips rocking up off the bed. "...and if I don't?" - she couldn't resist. Pushing the boundaries had always been her thing.
just t0nks: Severus bit down on her neck, not worrying if he drew blood, "If you don't," he removed his hand from between her legs, "I'll spank you until you do."
Serratenshi: Star made an odd sound - somewhere between a moan, at having her neck bitten so hard - and a giggle at the suggestion of spanking. "Hm...really? ...you've always wanted to live out this little school-girl fantasy, haven't you Professor?"
just t0nks: "Why says I haven't already?" He asked, running a hand up her thigh, pressing his thumb against her clit.
Serratenshi: She wriggled again, letting out a shaky breath "...aw, you mean i'm not your first? First schoolgirl, I mean....shame..."
just t0nks: Severus pressed against her kiss, "Sit the fuck still," he barked.
Serratenshi: She did so, not really intimidated at all. Turned on, amused, but not intimidated.
just t0nks: Severus pulled her over his lap. She didn't think he was serious. He ran his hand over her backside, giving it a few taps.
Serratenshi: "Oh please..." she muttered "Your idea of discipline is remarkably mild for a Slytherin alumni....and a former death eater..."
just t0nks: Severus laughed, "If you think that's my punishment," he pulled his hand back, bringing it down with skill, satisfied at the smacking noise it made as it connected with Star's skin. He pulled it back and repeated the motion, smiling as the white skin becan to pinken.
Serratenshi: She bit her bottom lip, hard, refusing to make a sound, although the first slap had been harder than she'd expected and had stung like a bitch. She breathed steadily through her nose, closing her eyes.
just t0nks: Severus pulled his hand back a third time, slapping her hard, "Say it, you immature bitch."
Serratenshi: "Say what?" she purred, still not making a sound to indicate that the slapping was causing her the remotest bit of pain.
just t0nks: "Scream for it, that you want me to fuck you, tear you apart," he spanked her again, harder this time, determined to get at least a whimper out of her.
Serratenshi: She had to bite her lip harder this time - she could feel her teeth cutting through skin. She was tasting blood. "Hmm....no."
just t0nks: Severus held her in place, now smacking her reddened ass with all the force he could muster.
Serratenshi: If she held down on her lip any longer, she was going to bite right through it. She made a small whimpering sound as he brought his hand down on her ass again, licking the blood from her lips.
just t0nks: Severus felt the satisfaction that would have been the same if she'd begged for it. He rubbed her ass lightly, soothing the skin, "Good, good girl," he purred. He was more turned on than he'd been in years, and he could feel her stomach brushing against his cock.
Serratenshi: She felt dizzy, almost, with arousal. This was insane. Who would have thought, really, that she'd ever have found herself in a situation like this? But Merlin, it was hot. So hot.

She turned over in his lap, sitting up slightly and kissing him hard on the mouth, without a word, letting the blood from her lip flavour the kiss.
just t0nks: Severus groaned as he tasted the blood, feeling every nerve of his light on fire. His hands gripped her hips and placed her onto the bed next to her, spreading her legs, "Good girl," he repeated, crawling between the long perfect legs.
Serratenshi: Star looked up at him, a lock of blonde hair fallen across her blue eyes, darkened with pure, unbridled lust. She shivered again, in expectation. For some reason, she wanted to say something. She hadn't felt this bizarrely close and intimate with someone for a long, long while. She bit back on the sentiment, and said nothing. What was the point, after all?
just t0nks: Severus captured her lips, she was beautiful, and now, just for now (that's all he could let himself think) she was his. He thrust into her with a grunt.
Serratenshi: She let out a soft, low moan as he entered her, reaching up to grip his shoulders tightly. She didn't close her eyes - kept the wide open, staring in to his.
just t0nks: Severus was determined to keep his eyes open with hers, sliding out and thrusting again. He moaned, she was so wet, so tight, so perfect. "You're beautiful," he said softly, running a hand into her hair.
Serratenshi: Her heart skipped. It actually skipped a fucking beat. She couldn't believe it. Why am I acting like this? What the FUCK am I doing? This is Professor FUCKING Snape...


She moaned gently again, pulling him down closer to her for another kiss - softer, this time. Her mouth still tasted a little like blood.
just t0nks: Severus groaned, bringing his pace down to the kiss. Softer, gentler, but demanding. He wasn't going to last, but he wanted to feel her spasm while he was stil hard. He reached a hand down to her clit and pinched at it. "Come for me, sweetheart."
Serratenshi: Star writhed under him, again. Her cheeks were flushed and she felt shaky - more turned on than she'd been in a long, long while. She could feel the waves of pleasure rolling inside her, harder now, as Severus played with her. She moaned again, softly, bucking her hips against his.
just t0nks: Severus let out a little grunt, picking her hips up, changing the angle, determined to find that spot- that one spot that would make her crazy. He increased his pace, rubbing at her clit frantically now.
Serratenshi: She could feel tears prickling behind her eyes, due to the pleasure. It was ridiculous how good this was. She moaned again, a little desperately, clawing at Severus' back with her long nails, raking them down his spine. She tensed as he thrust deeper inside her, letting out yet another low moan. "...Merlin...fuck..."
just t0nks: Severus moaned as he felt her nails scrape at the skin of his back, pumping into her, a light sweat breaking out on his chest and forehead. "Fuck," he repeated her last word, over and over as he desperately sought release.
Serratenshi: She felt herself tighten around him, as she let out a series of short, soft gasps - he was hitting her g-spot. And it felt amazing. A tear - or was it a bead of sweat? - ran down her cheek. So good...this felt so good. She didn't want it to end.
just t0nks: Severus grit his teeth, watching her fall apart in his arms, because of him. "So tight, so..." he groaned, "perfect," he captured her lips again, pulling at her clit, pounding that spot, pounding, pounding... It all became too much for him. He gasped as his orgasm caught him off guard, and he pumped every last drop into her tightening muscles.
Serratenshi: Star peaked almost at exactly the same time as Snape. She moaned, rolling her hips up to meet his, again and again, wanting to extract every last second of pleasure from this, that she could. She clung to him, raking her fingers down his back again, tearing at his skin. She thought she felt blood...
just t0nks: Severus groaned as the little bitch drew blood. He could feel it dripping the slightest bit, and he nippled at her lower lip in punishment as she rode out the last of her orgasm.
Serratenshi: She whimpered softly, more or less collapsing in his arms. She felt utterly exhausted.
just t0nks: Severus kissed her lip lightly, pushing himself up, sliding out of Star with a whimper of loss, pushing himself to sit up, catching his breath. I just fucked Star Ruet. And REALLY enjoyed it.
Serratenshi: Star closed her eyes for a moment, trying to steady her racing pulse. She hoped he wasn't going to turf her out of the bed right away, but she didn't really expect it to be otherwise. After all, this didn't mean anything. Just 'fun'. Harmless fun. Or her, being an idiot, and 'playing with fire'. Again.

Why do you always have to test the fucking boundaries, Star? You know you're going to regret this...
just t0nks: Severus turned to her, still lightly panting. She was already beginning to bruise, and her lip was split pretty bad. "Are you on... a potion, a charm of some kind... birth control."
Serratenshi: She opened her eyes, looking over at him "...naturally. Or i'd be popping them out right, left and center, don't you think?"
just t0nks: "Good," he said. "Just checking."

He ran his hands over his hair, "I have class. I'm going to take a quick shower, feel free to do the same and let yourself out," he said, standing.
Serratenshi: I knew it.

just t0nks: Severus took a step towards the shower before turning back and kissing her softly, gently, muttering a healing charm for her lip as they kissed.
Serratenshi: She blinked, not expecting that, and returned the kiss, lightly. "....I suppose I won't see you again, then..." she murmured.
just t0nks: "Where there is a will there is a way," he muttered, running a hand through her beautiful blonde hair.
Serratenshi: "I'm leaving at about 10 - ....I don't think i'll be back at Hogwarts, but i'll most likely end up at the Malfoy's...." she muttered, in a rush "...and I have to tell you some of the other stuff...I have to tell someone...someone who believes me.."
just t0nks: Severus nodded, "I think I can find an excuse to see Lucius this weekend."
Serratenshi: She smiled "...do you...I mean...was this a once off thing, or...?"
just t0nks: "There is no reason why we shouldn't repeat this," he said, "Is there?"
Serratenshi: "Only if you think so...." She drew her knees up under her chin, still feeling shaky and a little bit light-headed. "...i'm still sort of amazed that it happened."
just t0nks: "You and me both," he said standing again, retrieving his bathrobe.
Serratenshi: "You're amazing...." she murmured, barely audibly, looking down at the sheets, rather than at him.
just t0nks: Severus tried to smile, but not having done it in a long time it probably looked as if he was in pain. "Thank you, Miss Ruet," he said, turning and locking himself in his bathroom. To wipe the blood off his skin.
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