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Hermione Granger

Characters: Lavender (Heather) and Skylar (Day)
Location: Hogwarts, main hall and front yard (?)
Rating: PG

Summary:  Lavender is leaving, and on her way out encouters our dear charming Skylar.

LoverlyLavender :Lavender is walking down the hall way near the main doors  carrying  two  bright purple leather suite cases, she also has two  pink shoulder bags, and she's wearing a smart purple trench coat over what is
not her school uniform, its obvious she is leaving Hogwarts.

YourDesiredDrug: Skylar stepped through the entrance
of the main doors and wiped the snow off his cloak,
before rubbing his hands together, shivering faintly. He
pressed his hands to his face and blew on them, watching
what looked like a ball of pastels walking towards him.

LoverlyLavender: Lavender is grunting to herself, she
puts down the suit cases and waves her wand at them
casually, they begin to float  behind her and she continued
to walk gesturing at her suit cases to follow her.
Then she stops as she sees what looks like a living snow man
step into the school.

YourDesiredDrug: He blinked at her, removing his
hands from his face, "...What the fuck are you wearing?"

LoverlyLavender:Lavender stares at the ..well thing,
shes never had a  snow man swear at her  before. "Did one of the fifth years bring you to life? maybe I should go get a prefect" she says

YourDesiredDrug:He narrowed his eyes at her, cocking
his head to the side, causing a bit of snow to flutter off,
"What are you on about?"

LoverlyLavender: Lavender  covers her  mouth with
surprise and giggles. "Oh I'm sorry I thought you were one
of those snow men, you know the ones they bring to

YourDesiredDrug: He raised an eyebrow, "Are you ill?"

LoverlyLavender: "No I'm fine and I apoligise, you do
realise you are covered with snow dont you?" she asks, as
of yet Lavender hasnt recognised him.

YourDesiredDrug: "Obviously.  I've been outside," he
shook his head, amused. "And -surprise- it's snowing."

LoverlyLavender:  "Oh it isn't? damnit my coat will be
ruined" she says, brushing past him.

YourDesiredDrug: He turned to watch her, "Is that what
that is? A coat?"

LoverlyLavender: "Well yes, its a designer coat
actually, one of a kind" Lavender says proudly, she looks
up and down. "You look vaguely familiar" she

YourDesiredDrug: He looked at her coat, shaking his
head, "...I would hope so," he smirked.  "Well, I have
gone to this school for 7 and a half years now. Maybe we
go to the same B&M club."

LoverlyLavender:  "B and what club?" Lavender asks.

YourDesiredDrug:  He snorted a laugh, "Guess that's not
it ... Probably seen me around here, then."

LoverlyLavender:  "No seriously, whats a B and M
club?" Lavender asks demanding to know.

YourDesiredDrug: "You wear leather, you get tied to a
pole while someone whips your back and another sucks
your cock." he looked at her. "I'll take you sometime. It's

LoverlyLavender:  "Oh you mean a bondage club, and I
think I'll pass thank you" Lavender replys  raising her eye
brow.  "Now excuse me can you please move? I need to catch a carrige to the train station"

YourDesiredDrug: He snickered softly and stepped
aside, stuffing his hands into his pockets, "Enjoy the

LoverlyLavender:  "Oh I will thank you, I will enjoy it
very much, " Lavender says and she stops, before turning
to one of her suit cases. She reaches into the left pocket and
pulls out a small purple umbrella, then she opens it, then
she pulls out a pair of  snow boots and a woolen scarf
putting them on.

YourDesiredDrug: He watched her, eyebrows elevating,
"Should've known you'd bring back up. You're a girl."

LoverlyLavender: "Excuse me?" Lavender asks hotly. "It is not back up, its common sense"
Lavender adds rolling her eyes.

YourDesiredDrug: He nodded, grinning, "And girls are
just full of it."

LoverlyLavender: ":Hmph. who are you anyway?
you're very familiar in a sinisterly attractive way and I
know I've seen you before"

YourDesiredDrug: He snorted a laughed, "I thought you
had to go?"

LoverlyLavender: "Well maybe I want to know before
I do, and why do you keep  laughing at me?"

YourDesiredDrug: "Because you're amusing, and that's
what one does when something or someone is amusing."

LoverlyLavender: "You think I'm funny?" Lavender
asked  with a nervous  half smile.

YourDesiredDrug: "In an unintentional way,"  he
nodded, "Yes."

LoverlyLavender: "Is that a bad thing?"

YourDesiredDrug: "Would depend on who you're
asking, I'd think."

LoverlyLavender: "Well I'm asking you, Mr
Mysterious sort of familiar handsome stranger"

YourDesiredDrug: "No, it's not a bad thing, I suppose. I
am the one that's amused, aren't I? Could you keep
complimenting me? That's wonderful."

LoverlyLavender: ":I wasnt complimenting you, I was telling the truth" Lavender says honestly blinking her eyes. "You are  sort of  familiar handsome stranger, you didnt tell me your name":

YourDesiredDrug: He laughed softly, "The truth? All
right, I'm Skylar."

LoverlyLavender: Lavender blinked again her eyes
widening.  "Oh the boy who had sex with  Star
before she went back to Draco" she said nodding

YourDesiredDrug: He blinked at her, "...Correct. Good
to see someone is keeping up with the gossip."

LoverlyLavender: "You're also the boy I talked to on
the internet" Lavender says with a nod.  "I'm Lavender, remember?"

YourDesiredDrug: "Oooh, that's right," he nodded,
laughing softly.  "The virgin with the untouched panties."

LoverlyLavender: "Yes thats who I am" Lavender
stutters blushing.  "Nice to see thats the part of the
conversation you remember"

YourDesiredDrug: He snickered, amused, "Yes, I
remember. I retain facts well."

LoverlyLavender: "Well some facts obviously"
Lavender adds rolling her eyes. "So, well, its nice to meet you in  real
life" Lavender adds awkwardly staring at her feet.

YourDesiredDrug: "Sure," he smirked.  "Nice to put a
face to the panties."

LoverlyLavender: "You saw my face online" lavender
pointed out, still staring at her  feet.

YourDesiredDrug: "Only a picture.  And a picture does
not blush quite so often as you do."

LoverlyLavender : "I do not blush, now you're just
teasing me," Lavender snorts.

YourDesiredDrug: "You blushed, I'm sure of it," he
grinned, watching her. "And you're right, I am teasing

LoverlyLavender: "Well I need to go, you can walk with
me if you like" Lavender says ,  a little shyly, shes not as
good at talking to boys as she used to be.

YourDesiredDrug: His eyebrows elevated and he
snorted, loudly, "Are you kidding? I'm not going back out
in that snow. Damn near killed me last time."

LoverlyLavender: "Oh right then, never mind" she says
crisply. "My sister is expecting me you see, I
think she went off ahead but I'm supposed to meet her at
the station"

YourDesiredDrug: "You'd better hurry, then," he said,
taking a step back. "Don't want to keep her waiting."

LoverlyLavender: "Yes, sure, right" Lavender says  with
a haughty sniff  trying to gain back her composure, she
opens her umbrella  and then gestures at her luggage to
float behind her, then she walks past Skylar.

LoverlyLavender: "Goodbye, and Merry Christmas" she
says looking over her shoulder.

YourDesiredDrug: "Happy holidays," he smirked, giving
her a slight wave. "Keep your head down!"

LoverlyLavender: Lavender nods and dissapears into
the snow still holding her umbrella.

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