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A short story ( two pages) starring Millicent and Lavender, rated PG13 for two swear words.

’It's a wonderful world.

“I’m dying” Millicent Bulstrode, the infamously psychotic warrior witch stated to the world in general.
Lavender Brown stared at her curiously, there were no wounds or signs of illness to prove that this statement was accurate.
“That’s all very well and good Millicent, but why are you in my tent?” Lavender asked cocking her head to one side.
“You moved out of the room we shared” Millicent pointed out.
“Yes, two months ago, when you filled it with weapons” Lavender replied dryly.

They sat across from each other, Millicent with a cup of coffee and Lavender with her herbal tea ( very good for cleansing the chakra apparently) Lavender stared at Millicent.
Millicent stared at Lavender.
“Why are you here?” Lavender asked the girl nervously and Millicent’s great fists squeezed at the cup, it broke in her hands.
“I didn’t have any one else to talk to” Millicent said in a very quiet small voice.
“About what?” Lavender asked with surprise and she caught Millicent’s hot guilty expression.
“Oh about boys!” Lavender realized her eyes widening with surprise.
“If you mention this conversation to any one I will smash you up then turn you into a million marbles, you will then fall down the stairs and spend a million years being touched by little dirty boys” snarled Millicent and Lavender horrified shrugged her shoulders.
“Understood” she squeaked.
Millicent stared at her palm, there was a small cut and blood oozed from it.
“You should clean that up” Lavender added and Millicent licked the wound with her tongue.
“Ew” remarked Lavender her pretty little nose crinkling with disgust.
“You always finish what you start don’t you Brown?” Millicent asked and Lavender shrugged her shoulders.
“If I can” she began.
“Well what if you couldn’t? what if you began a mission and much later circumstances changed and you wondered if you could complete it?” she asked and Lavender shrugged her shoulders.
“I guess it depends on how important the mission is” she said diplomatically.
“It is vital”Millicent growled wiping the remaining blood off onto her jeans and Lavender feeling ever so slightly terrified glanced around hoping for some sort of distraction.
“Well then I suppose you should try to get around whats causing you to not finish..this ...er mission Millicent, is this to do with Neville?” Lavender asked suspiciously.
Millicent waved her hand early.
“Oh I wish it was, he is at least simple, no moral quandaries about right and wrong there” he said and Millicent glared at Lavender.
“It's like your cat for example” Millicent began and Lavender's eyes widened.
“What does this have to do with Miss Georgie Purball?” she asked pouting with confusion.
“It's a metaphor you dolt! She's a good cat yes?” Millicent asked.
“Well I've trained her to go in the magic poop box that makes her nasty mess go away, and she doesn't scratch things” Lavender mused.
“Exactly, but if she was left in the wild she would grow up wild, she would hunt things, make messes” Millicent began and her brow wrinkled with confusion.
“And people like that stupid giant games keeper are hired to kill wild animals to keep them from harming humans, they often kill them before they actually hurt us and all because they're wild” Millicent began and Lavender nodded slowly.
“I understand terminating them if they harm us but if they just leave us alone then why? How can we kill a wild animal for being what it is?” Millicent sighed sinking deeper into her chair and Lavender shrugged.
“Well I guess you'll just have to leave it alone until it harms some one” Lavender began and Millicent clucked her tongue.
“It'd be easier if it were in the wild stupid girl, but you cant trust a tiger amongst people, sooner or later it will kill some one and then.. then I will have to kill it, it's all a waiting game, scaring it into behaving” Millicent admitted and Lavender stared at her sympathetically.
“We're not talking about an actual tiger here are we?” she asked and Millicent rolled her eyes and chuckled.
“No” she smirked bitterly.
“Why do you want to kill this tiger Millicent?” Lavender asked warily.
“Because he and his kin..in away..hurt him” Millicent began hesitantly and Lavender caught the expression on her face.
“I care about him too Millicent, but did you ever stop to think that he might not want that? Neville's a good person and he wouldn't want you to kill for him” Lavender began and Millicent hid her face behind her hands.
“Theres more to it isn't there?” Lavender asked tentatively.
“I don't know how to talk about this” Millicent admitted, very reluctantly.
“A lot of people don't” Lavender said calmly sipping her tea.
“It wasn't supposed to end up this awful, I wanted to make him afraid and I know you all call me crazy” Millicent began.
“They all call me crazy as well” Lavender said nodding slowly.
“I thought that if I was myself around him he would get scared but it didn't work at all” Millicent groaned sounding miserable.
“It back fired? Does this mean that this tiger person thing likes you?” Lavender asked sounding scandalized.
Millicent's head was still in her hands and she shrugged miserably.
“Have you asked him.. I mean the tiger if they do?” Lavender asked and Millicent glared at her furiously.
“Oh yes I'm a big fan of having emotional conversations with dangerous evil psycho paths” she growled baring her teeth.
“I guess you must love talking to yourself then” Lavender smirked and instead of attacking her like she wanted Millicent sighed again.
“This blackness, this thing it wont go away and I cant look away and why am I so fucking interested in saving him?” she muttered to herself.
“Because you're in love with him?” Lavender asked attentively.
“Fuck no! I thought you were supposed to be perceptive when it came to peoples relationships” Millicent snarled furiously and Lavender backed away nervously.
“Well you're the one who came barging into my tent screaming like a lunatic” Lavender shot back and Millicent stared at her bleeding hand.
“I'm like this because I made a promise that I cant keep and it's killing me” she admitted reluctantly and Lavender chewed on her lip.
“If I agree to help you will you stop breaking into my tent?” Lavender asked.
“How could you help?”
“I think I've pretty much figured out your bizarrely code and I think I know who the tiger is” Lavender began and Millicent's eyes widened a fraction.
“Maybe the secret isn't to kill the tiger before it attacks Millicent, maybe you're supposed to give the tiger back it's humanity?” Lavender suggested attentively.
There was a thoughtfully pause and Lavender finished her tea.
“We should have talks like this more often, but now I've got to go break something” Millicent said her hands twitching.
“Good luck with that” Lavender said quirking an eye brow.
“He called me great, does that mean something?” Millicent asked, looking frightened and above everything else fragile for a second.
“I cant answer that for you Millicent” Lavender sighed.

Long after Millicent had left Lavender cleaned up the blood stained pieces of fine china and as they zoomed towards the bin her eyes fell on the picture on her book shelf.
It showed Parvati, Neville and her on the day years ago when Maghnus Lestrange decided to hold a protest against the school uniforms.
Lavender touched the glass again and shivered when she thought about the boy in the skirt who once asked her best friend out on a date.
It was amazing that he turned out to be a tiger.
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