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Characters: Lufi (Kia), Tale (Day)
Location: Cellar at an abandoned house in Hogsmeade.
Rating: R, for sex, masochism, sadism and insane cuteness.

Summary:  Lufi's set up a romantic night for the pair, with music, sex, and graphic biting.

Serratenshi: Lufi was dressed to kill in a sheer button down shirt made of vaguely shiny dark material that twinkled slightly in the flickering candlelight cast by the torches that littered the walls as he walked through the Hogwarts Halls in search of Tale's annex. He had dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep, but still managed to look vaguely other worldly and beautiful. He'd put effort in, tonight. He located the door to Tale's annex, and knocked sharply several times.

Tale Absinthe: Tale rolled off her bed and away from the school work she had been doing, and left her room, crossing the living area and approaching the door. No one else was in the annex tonight, and it was left up to her to answer the door. Not that she minded. She really didn't have much concentration for school work tonight, and any distraction was a welcomed one.

She reached out and pulled the door open, blinking when she first saw who stood in her doorway. She barely kept her jaw from dropping when she laid eyes on Lufi. There was nothing drastically different, or changed to any extreme, but he just somehow looked ... gorgeous. More gorgeous than he managed to pull off everyday of his life in her opinion, anyway. It was all subtle differences, and they all paid off. She flushed faintly, and smiled, leaning against the door, "Hi."

Serratenshi: He smirked vaguely, meeting her gaze, leaning against the door frame remarkably casually "...hey."

Tale Absinthe: She continued to smile, unable to keep her eyes from roaming over varying parts of him as she spoke, "Well ... wow. You look ... great."

Serratenshi: He shrugged vaguely "Can't think why. I didn't sleep last night."

Tale Absinthe: She let her eyes settle on his, and raised her eyebrows, "At all? Why not?"

Serratenshi: "It's a secret!" he smiled mysteriously, moving closer to her to curl an arm around her waist gently, pulling her to him.

Tale Absinthe: She smiled lightly and rested her hands against his chest, before slipping them over his shoulders, looking up at him. She couldn't help it, she had to kiss him. She tilted her face up and stood up on tip-toe, brushing her lips over his lightly. "A good secret?"

Serratenshi: "I hope so..." he mumbled gently, kissing her slowly on the mouth, his grip on her waist tightening "I hope you think so."

Tale Absinthe: "Hmm," she smiled softly against his lips, then pecked him affectionately, brushing her fingers through the hair at the base of his neck. "We'll only know if I think so when you tell me."

Serratenshi: "I'm not telling! You'll have to torture me to find out!" he sighed, dramatically, grinning at her. " have to come with me, little girl."

Tale Absinthe: She nipped lightly at his lower lip, "Okay. Whatever you want."

Serratenshi: "Good. Good good..." he drew away from her, pushing her gently back inside the annex "Go and get a coat. I'll wait."

Tale Absinthe: She looked at him, looking slightly amused, and headed for her room. She came back a few minutes later, pulling the coat on, "Where are we going?"

Serratenshi: "I already told you - it's a secret! As if I’d spoil it all now!" he rolled his eyes at her, reaching for her hand, taking it in his, which was still cold and slightly damp from the weather outside. "Ready?"

Tale Absinthe: She laughed and nodded her head, moving towards his side, giving his hand a squeeze, "Lead the way, love."

Serratenshi: He walked her through the darkening halls of Hogwarts, the light outside fading fast, plunging the corridors in to a shadow, flickering, candle-lit darkness. The two of them walked out of the castle, through the grounds a fair way. It was bitterly cold outside, despite it technically being autumn, and a light rain was falling. Mist was gathering on the horizon, giving everything an eerie, almost unreal feeling.

Serratenshi: "You know what day it is, right?" Lufi's grip on Tale's hand tightened slightly as he looked over at her, raising his eyebrows.

Tale Absinthe: She rolled her eyes upwards as she thought, and nodded, "February 14th. Valentines Day." She blinked, "Oh! It's Valentines Day. Oh, shit, shit."

Serratenshi: He laughed, his eyes sparkling slightly though whether this was due to the light quality, his over-tiredness or some other emotion was unclear. "Oh, shit, shit?"

Tale Absinthe: She squeezed his hand lightly and turned to look at him, looking guilty, "I completely forgot. I mean, really fucking forgot. I didn't get you anything."

Serratenshi: He laughed out loud, stopping in the middle of the dirt path that led from Hogwarts to Hogsmeade, eyes still shining brightly. "...what the hell do you have to apologize for, beautiful girl?"

Tale Absinthe: She eyed him, frowning, "I didn't get you anything for Valentines Day. You're my boyfriend. I love you. I shouldn't have forgotten, and I should have gotten you something."

Serratenshi: "You remember Christmas, right?" he asked, lacing his fingers with hers.

Tale Absinthe: "Of course I do, but that doesn't mean I only have to get you something once a year and excuse myself from everything else..."

Serratenshi: "Tale..." he said, seriously, looking at her, his eyes searching hers "That was the nicest thing anybody has ever done for me. Ever. In my entire life. In my opinion, it does excuse you from everything else."

Tale Absinthe: She smiled lightly and reached up with her free hand, pressing it lightly to his cheek, "That just makes me want to get you everything in the world, you realize."

Serratenshi: "Don't." he laughed "I'd have nowhere to put it all."

Tale Absinthe: She chuckled, "Well, I could just get you the entire world and you've have enough free space."

Serratenshi: "Ha! I knew you weren't perfect! You're plotting world domination!" he grinned, sweeping her up in a gentle kiss, stroking the hair back from her eyes.

Tale Absinthe: "Shhh!" she laughed, kissing the side of his mouth. "Don't tell anyone or I'll have to kill you."

Serratenshi: "Evil little thing." he tickled her under the ribs smirking, then pulled away, still holding her hand, continuing to drag her down the path towards the brightly lit village.

Tale Absinthe: She smiled to herself and pressed her cheek against his arm as they walked, "Don't tell anyone that, either. I've got everyone believing I'm an angel."

Serratenshi: "Except MacNair." Lufi pointed out, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Tale Absinthe: She rolled her eyes, "Ugh, he's an idiot. He poured milk on my bed. Sour milk, the bastard. So I spit in his porridge when he wasn't looking."

Serratenshi: Lufi smirked, rolling his eyes "Children children...the milk thing, though...ew...that's gross." they had reached the outskirts of the little township, and Lufi took a left, veering in to the drive way of a small, tumbledown looking house.

Tale Absinthe: She looked towards the house, then blinked up towards him, "...You didn't buy the house, did you? Is that the surprise?"

Serratenshi: "Buy it? Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't have to. It's abandoned."

Tale Absinthe: "How'd you know about it?"

Serratenshi: "I used to live here." he smirked "No joke. Before Pax and I met."

Tale Absinthe: Her eyebrows elevated curiously, "You lived there? Was it like this when you lived here?"

Serratenshi: He pulled her towards the dingy little broken down house, completely with grecian pillars, crumbling wonkily on the verandah, and a swing set covered in spider webs "More or less, yeah."

Tale Absinthe: "Did you like living here?" she asked, frowned, and wondered if it was a stupid question to ask as she took in it's diminished grandeur.

Serratenshi: "Actually, and oddly, yes..." he said, quietly, leading her around the back to a dilapidated back yard with a frozen, broken down fountain surrounded by a tangled of thick nettle bushes.

Tale Absinthe: She smiled lightly, "I guess it's sort of got that ... gothic pull to it, doesn't it? I probably would have loved it, if only because it was the complete opposite of where I lived."

Serratenshi: He smiled vaguely, stopping them both in front of a small wooden door set in to the ground, like a cellar hatch. "We're going down there." he pointed.

Tale Absinthe: She looked in the direction he was pointing and opened her mouth, then snapped it shut, opened it again and laughed weakly, "Oooh. Yeah... Dark spaces are always good."

Serratenshi: "It's fine." he smiled "After you?"

Tale Absinthe: She smiled at him, amused, and moved towards the cellar hatch, "Well, there's no winning this one. I don't go down first, you think I'm a baby, and if I go down first, I may die."

Serratenshi: "Just careful on the steps, they might be a little slippy. But other than that, I can categorically inform you that you are not going to die." he grinned.

Tale Absinthe: She lent down and pulled open the door, still smiling, "Oh, good to know. Stay close behind me?"

Serratenshi: "Always." he rested a hand in the small of her back, curling around her shirt just incase she did in fact, slip.

Tale Absinthe: She stepped through the door onto the first step and checked to make sure it would hold her weight, then moved further down the steps, securing her footing before she moved to the next.

Serratenshi: The room beneath the house emerged slowly in a soft glimmer of light. It was fairly small, really, but beautifully decorated - the stone walls covered in photographs and prints and random scrawlings in black paint - lyrics, words, quotes. The room was lit by what seemed to be hundreds and hundreds of little fireflies, though on examination they were nothing more than muggle 'fairy lights', strung from wall to wall, embedded in the plaster ceiling and even scattered along the skirting boards on the floor. They'd evidently been charmed magically so as to function in Hogsmeade. They shone in the darkness light tiny stars. The floor of the cellar area was uncarpeted and felt a little like dirt - the same warm, earthy feeling, though on inspection it was simply concrete scattered with a thin layer of amazingly soft blue, purple and opal glitter. The room was like a fairy tale. There was a single plush couch pushed up against one wall, and a mattress in the corner veiled from the rest of the room with a silky curtain. in the center of the basement room, a series of cushions were scattered, and on them lay Lufi's guitar.

Tale Absinthe: Tale did almost, in fact, slip when she had come to the last step and she could properly see the room, all the girly, romantic, insanely mushy parts of her screaming at the top of their lungs at how purdy it was. The room did nothing less than overwhelm her. She stepped off the last step, slowly, her lips parted in a slight 'O', eyes taking in every inch of the room.

Serratenshi: He curled his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder "Weirdly, this is pretty much how it looked when I used to live here. Although I might've added a few touches here and there."

Tale Absinthe: "You lucky bastard," she whispered, smiling, turned her face to look at him. "It's beautiful."

Serratenshi: "I like it." he shrugged, mischievously "I was quite a fairy tale kind of kid, you know. You probably would have liked me better, back then. Amazingly, I was less jaded."

Tale Absinthe: "I like you now," she kissed his cheek. "I do wish I had known you, then, though."

Serratenshi: "We could have had fun." he mused "Although I probably would have treated you like shit. I was pretty selfish. Uh...more selfish."

Tale Absinthe: "You were probably a cool kid," she grinned. "And just like every boy that age, just as selfish, just as clueless when it came to girls, just as ridiculous, but I probably would have liked you, then, too."

Serratenshi: He laughed, squeezing her gently.

Tale Absinthe: "Though, I might have fallen in love with the room before you," she chuckled.

Serratenshi: "Fun doesn't end here, anyway." he murmured, pushing her gently off the bottom step, prodding her in the direction of the couch.

Tale Absinthe: She moved towards the couch and took a seat on the far end, looking at him.

Serratenshi: He smiled surprisingly softly, moving over to the stack of pillows and his guitar, sinking down on to them and picking up the instrument, looking at it hard for a few seconds.

Tale Absinthe: She rested her arm against the arm of the couch and watched, silently, keeping her mouth shut and not asking when he had finally started playing again, if he had at all.

Serratenshi: He took a deep breath, flicking his eyes up to her for a second, before settling his fingers on the frets, bringing his other hand down on the strings, beginning to play softly.

Tale Absinthe: She darted her eyes towards his fingers briefly before moving them back to his face, relaxing into the arm of the couch, watching him.

Serratenshi: The song that drifted out of Lufi's guitar was slow, and slightly sultry - like a walk through the city at night - almost dangerous, and edgy. After a few bars of introduction, her started to sing. His voice was surprisingly good - higher than his speaking voice and slightly girlish, soft and surreal. It filled up the room, and as if by magic (because, in fact, that's exactly what it was) the fairy lights began to pulse to the rhythm of the music.

Tale Absinthe: She vaguely registered that the lights were twinkling, but she didn't take her eyes off of Lufi, sinking closer to the arm of the couch and pulling her legs towards her chest, letting the sound of the guitar and Lufi's voice move over her.

Serratenshi: Lufi almost stopped playing for a second, before the lyrics came to him. He was nervous, he realised, and his fingers stung slightly from pressing so hard in to the steel strings of the guitar. He swallowed, starting to sing again:

It's cold out tonight
don't forget your innocence
slip on your goodbye-grin
pretend you're worth something
It's cold out tonight

Tale Absinthe: Tale smiled softly and listened to his voice, watched his fingers move, the expression on her face, still remaining perfectly still on the couch, obviously becoming quite enthralled.

Serratenshi: The lights are too bright
my starlit eyes are watering
running makeup in my glass of gin
my bleached-out words are lingering
the lights are too bright

step inside and open your
open your
pandora's box
electrify my world

Tale Absinthe: She circled her arms around her legs and rested her chin against her knees, her head cocked slightly to one side, expression softening.

Serratenshi: He breathed deeply, launching in to a short, mellow sort of guitar solo, not looking up at her, intent on the guitar. Finally, he breathed the final words to the song:

The shifting sheets are white
restless stifled soul searching
dreams and life ever diverging
nothing here is worth converting
the shifting sheets are white

step inside and open your
open your
pandora's box
electrify my world

Tale Absinthe: Without moving her eyes away from him she turned her face so that her cheek was resting against her knee, and bit down on her lower lip, taking in every movement and sound from Lufi, wanting to etch it into the back of her eyelids, store it away in her mind, along with everything that came with it, because she wasn't sure she'd ever see him do anything like this again, and she needed to remember it.

Serratenshi: He stopped, abruptly, just staring at the guitar for awhile, as though he couldn't take his eyes off it. He half frowned, and pushed it gently off his lap, finally looking up at her.

Tale Absinthe: She smiled at him, softly, her eyes bright, and slowly pulled herself out of her curl on the couch, moving the short distance between them until she was on her knees on the cushions beside him. She pressed herself against his side and slid her arms around his shoulders, burying her face against his neck, still smiling.

Serratenshi: He reached to stroke her back, almost awkwardly, apparently incapable of saying anything, feeling almost like this was some weird, strange dream.

Tale Absinthe: She nuzzled her face against his neck and ran her hands over his shoulders lightly, closing her eyes. "You're amazing," she whispered weakly against his throat.

Serratenshi: He laughed nervously, half shaking his head. "Nah."

Tale Absinthe: She nodded her head and pressed her face closer to his throat, saying nothing else, tears leaking out of the corner of her eyes.

Serratenshi: "Are you crying?" he asked, slightly alarmed.

Tale Absinthe: She moved a hand up and tangled her fingers through his hair, smiling weakly against his skin, her throat too tight to risk talking.

Serratenshi: He continued stroking her back gently, not saying anything, resting his chin on her head.

Tale Absinthe: She shifted to sit beside him and curled her legs up towards his stomach, still crying silently, placing wet kisses along his throat.

Serratenshi: He half laughed, not sure exactly how to take this, moving his head to the side slightly, half closing his eyes.

Tale Absinthe: She brought her free hand up and cupped the other side of his neck, smoothing the pad of her thumb over his jaw line, sniffling lightly before she said, "You are, though. So amazing."

Serratenshi: "You are." he replied, quietly "I was only able to do this because of you."

Tale Absinthe: She shook her head lightly, "I had nothing to do with it. You've had this inside you all along."

Serratenshi: "You brought it out."

Tale Absinthe: She shook her head again, silently.

Serratenshi: "You did!" he laughed slightly, insistently, reaching under her chin to tilt her face up to his, looking at her.

Tale Absinthe: She licked her lips, the taste coming back salty, and smiled softly, "I'm a really lucky girl."

Serratenshi: "So'm I." he smiled "Apart from not being a girl, that is."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed softly and wiped under her eyes with the back of her hand, "Wow ... now I really feel like a bastard for not getting you something. Would you settle for some cuddles or some sex?"

Serratenshi: He laughed, reaching up to run a hand through her hair, kissing her gently "It's up to you."

Tale Absinthe: She kissed him again, "Say what you want."

Serratenshi: He shook his head, laughing again "No. I really don't mind. I'm happy with whatever makes you happy. I'm happy to just sit here and stare at you all night." he smirked.

Tale Absinthe: "Well, don't, I'm all snotty at the moment," she chuckled. "And you've already made me happy. Really happy."

Serratenshi: "Which is why you're crying?" he grinned.

Tale Absinthe: "Yes, that's why I'm crying. Welcome to learning about what it means to be a girl," she laughed.

Serratenshi: "As long as you don't make me try on your underwear and start reading bad romance novels, I’m happy."

Tale Absinthe: She wrinkled her nose, "Are there good romance novels?"

Serratenshi: "I highly doubt it."

Tale Absinthe: She smiled and pressed her face to his collar bone, silently.

Serratenshi: "Maybe they should write about us. We'd make a good romance novel." he laughed "For the terminally screwed up."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed, "We're not that bad. You're no Scottish warlord, and I'm no red headed virgin beauty, but we'd be an interesting read."

Serratenshi: "I don't think I’d like to be a Scottish warlord. It sounds messy."

Tale Absinthe: She shook her head, "I don't think I'd like you to be one either. You'd have all those huge muscles and your accent would remind me of Cael."

Serratenshi: Lufi made a face, like he'd eaten something that tasted bad.

Tale Absinthe: "And then Draco would probably want to sleep with you. Talk about messy!"

Serratenshi: "Please don't say things like that - I may become physically ill."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed softly and kissed his adams apple, "Okay ... Thank you for the song."

Serratenshi: "Did you like it?"

Tale Absinthe: She smiled, "I loved it. You're really fucking talented. I could never have written something like that. Anytime I write a poem or whatever, it's just ... blah. But you're brilliant."

Serratenshi: "I didn't know you wrote things..." he said quietly, running a hand down her side absently.

Tale Absinthe: "They're shit," she laughed, softly. "but it's okay. I'll let you be the more talented one."

Serratenshi: "I'd like to see them sometime."

Tale Absinthe: "If you promise not the laugh," she smirked.

Serratenshi: "I'd never laugh at you ....well unless you did something really stupid."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed, reaching around to tickle along the side of his ribs, "Fair enough. They're all back at the annex anyway. I'll show you sometime."

Serratenshi: He writhed away from her a little bit, giggling "Agh don't!"

Tale Absinthe: She gasped dramatically and pulled away enough to look at him, "You giggled!"

Serratenshi: "Shut uppppp" he whined.

Tale Absinthe: She grinned and poked at him, gently, "You giggled. Oh my Gods, that was the cutest sound I've ever heard! Do it again!" She tickled near his ribs again, "Come on!"

Serratenshi: "No!" he whinged, writhing away again, clenching his jaw so he wouldn't giggle again.

Tale Absinthe: "Come on, please?" she laughed, moving closer to him, tickling him again. "One more time! I didn't know you were ticklish!"

Serratenshi: He giggled, despite himself, then frowned, looking mutinous.

Tale Absinthe: She giggled herself and wrapped her arms around her stomach, pleased with herself for getting him to giggle again, "So cute! So friggin cute!"

Serratenshi: "Oh, pipe up, little girl. I'm not cute."

Tale Absinthe: She shook her head and grinned at him, "You are cute. Your nose even wrinkles up when you giggle. It's the best thing I've ever seen."

Serratenshi: He rolled his eyes.

Tale Absinthe: "Aww," she laughed, curling her arm around his waist, "Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I won't call you cute anymore."

Serratenshi: "Liar. Yes you will."

Tale Absinthe: "...You're right, I will."

Serratenshi: He smirked, rolling his eyes again, leaning back in to the pillows.

Tale Absinthe: She followed after him and leant against his side, looking up at him, "Were you serious?"

Serratenshi: "About what?"

Tale Absinthe: "Seeing the stuff I've written."

Serratenshi: "Of course."

Tale Absinthe: "Why?"

Serratenshi: "I'd like to see what you create."

Tale Absinthe: She nodded slightly and closed her eyes, relaxing against him, "Okay."

Serratenshi: He smiled, running a hand over her stomach lightly.

Tale Absinthe: She smiled softly, "What do you want?"

Serratenshi: "Nothing." he shook his head "I'm content."

Tale Absinthe: "In everything?"

Serratenshi: He nodded.

Tale Absinthe: She opened her eyes and looked up at him, "Really? In everything?"

Serratenshi: "What're you getting at?" he looked down at her, eyebrow raised.

Tale Absinthe: "...Just asking if you were content in all things. Everything. Us, you, life..."

Serratenshi: "More so than previously, yes."

Tale Absinthe: She smiled, "Think you'll sleep well?"

Serratenshi: "Unless you tickle attack me, yes."

Tale Absinthe: She rolled her eyes, "I'll hold myself back, if only because you look exhausted."

Serratenshi: "Do I?" he raised an eyebrow again "I'm not. Not really. Just...mellow. Sort of spaced out. I'm

Tale Absinthe: "What are you thinking about?"

Serratenshi: "Playing guitar." he smiled gently.

Tale Absinthe: She laughed softly, "Figures." She looked at him, "When did you start playing again?"

Serratenshi: "Yesterday. I was up all night putting that together for you."

Tale Absinthe: She blinked, "You started playing again to do that for me?"

Serratenshi: He nodded "That's what I meant...when I said that you brought it out in me."

Tale Absinthe: "You still did it, though. It was you."

Serratenshi: "Yeah. It was me physically going through the motions, but you moved it."

Tale Absinthe: She looked at him for a moment, then rested her cheek against his arm, "No one's ever said anything like that to me before."

Serratenshi: "Well, nobodies ever made me feel like i'm just a vessel for something greater before."

Tale Absinthe: "Vessel for something greater?"

Serratenshi: He shrugged "You're something like my muse, I think."

Tale Absinthe: "...I'm really not following," she laughed, slightly.

Serratenshi: He rolled his eyes "You move me. When I was playing, it felt like you were playing...not me...I can't explain it."

Tale Absinthe: "Don't roll your eyes at me," she laughed. "I'm not trying to milk this, I just really didn't understand. I still don't, really, but I'm not going to complain."

Serratenshi: "I'm just frustrated with myself that I can't explain it better."

Tale Absinthe: She kissed his arm before leaning up on an elbow, "It's all right, you don't have to."

Serratenshi: He grinned, running a hand through his hair "Okay...I won't, then." he bent his head to brush his lips across hers gently.

Tale Absinthe: She made a soft noise and leant forward, adding more pressure to the kiss, running her hand down his forearm.

Serratenshi: He returned the kiss, circling an arm around her waist lazily, sighing lightly.
Tale Absinthe: She smiled lightly against his lips and nipped softly against his mouth, before pulling away, looking down at him.

Serratenshi: "Hey.." he whined, smirking "You stopped!"

Tale Absinthe: She grinned at him, pecked him quickly, then moved her hands to the buttons of his shirt, undoing each one slowly, her fingers slipping under the folds of his shirt and to the newly exposed bit of skin on his chest as she went.

Serratenshi: He arched his back up against her touch slightly, eyes fixed on her, watching her intently.

Tale Absinthe: When the last button was popped free, she pushed the folds of his shirt off to the sides, watching as more of that pale skin was exposed, all the way down to the light trace of hair around his navel. She flicked her eyes up to his as she moved her fingers gently over his ribcage, working for a different sort of tickle this time.

Serratenshi: He still writhed a little bit, but mercifully didn't giggle. He breathed out a little bit shakily, still watching her, almost as if in awe.

Tale Absinthe: She flattened her hand and flexed her fingers over his ribcage, then dipped her head, gently kissing his skin between her thumb and forefinger.

Serratenshi: He laughed gently, arching his back again "What're you doing, little thing?"

Tale Absinthe: She rolled her eyes up to look at him and smiled, after flicking the tip of her tongue over his skin, "I'm enjoying you."

Serratenshi: He shivered "Feelings mutual, love."

Tale Absinthe: She slipped her hands down over his sides and continued to kiss over his ribcage, placing her lips along the faint ridges and slopes of his bones that became more apparent when he breathed in.

Serratenshi: He watched her, almost drowsily, breathing a little deeper than usual, reaching out to run a hand through her hair, gently.

Tale Absinthe: She looked up at him again and pressed her hands to his hips, before enclosing her mouth over his skin, biting down.

Serratenshi: He hissed softly, half whining, back arching again as she bit his flesh.

Tale Absinthe: She kept her eyes on him, and released some of the flesh, before biting down, harder.

Serratenshi: He moaned slightly, his eyes fluttering shut.

Tale Absinthe: She wondered how far she could take this, and figured the best way to find out would be to see. She bit down, harder, feeling the flesh swell in her mouth.

Serratenshi: He whimpered again, almost feeling her teeth cut in to his skin, wondering if she was drawing blood and almost hoping that she was.

Tale Absinthe: She smoothed her hands over his hips and let her eyes close, breathing in deeply through her nose, and bit down again, harder, not letting up until she felt his skin break, and could taste the first bits of blood over her tongue.

Serratenshi: He cried out, almost like a little kid, biting down hard on his bottom lip and hissing '...fuck...' at no one imparticular.

Tale Absinthe: She continued to bite down for a few more minutes, then slowly released him, and began running her tongue along the teeth marks she had left, that were swelling with small amounts of blood.

Serratenshi: He managed to open his eyes, gazing down at the mark and laughing shakily "Jesus..."

Tale Absinthe: She lifted her mouth from the mark and licked her lips, swallowing the taste in her mouth, "...You okay?"

Serratenshi: "More than okay..." he smoothed her hair again, gently, his hand shaking a little "I'm not going to be able to wear low pants for awhile, in public, though."

Tale Absinthe: "Why not?" she smirked, kissing the wound softly. "Don't want people to know you've been marked?"

Serratenshi: "They might think I’d been attacked by a vampire and insist I go to hospital."

Tale Absinthe: She moved her hands towards the buckle of his pants, still looking at him, "If you did this to me, I'd hope it would be in a place people could see. I'd want them to know. Let their mind wander ... wonder what it felt like, wonder if it hurt."

Serratenshi: "What if they judged you for it?" he asked, half dreamily, too intent on what was going on with his pants to pay a lot of attention to what she was saying.

Tale Absinthe: She unfastened the buckle and lowered the zipper in two quick movements, brushing her fingers through the soft tangle of hair, "If they judge me for it, and think poorly of me for it, then it only means they like it, can't admit that to themselves, and they're only wishing they had the nerve to allow someone to do it to them."

Serratenshi: He laughed, slightly more high-pitched than usual, opening one eye to look at her, expectantly "Yes. Right."

Tale Absinthe: She smirked up at him, like she had a secret, and sat up, curling her fingers around the waistband of his pants, tugging them down over his hips. She scooted back as she drew his pants over his legs, till finally they were gone and tossed aside. She sat towards his feet, still smirking, but her eyes were trying to look innocent, as the tips of her fingers brushed over his ankles.

Serratenshi: He shivered, half smiling down at her, half trying to remember how to breath properly, watching her through hazy, half-shut eyes.

Tale Absinthe: "Lets play a game," she smiled at him, moving her fingers to the tops of his feet, playing them over his skin idly. "You tell me what you want me to do, and we see if I do it."

Serratenshi: "You're getting off on this, aren't you?" he murmured, breathily.

Tale Absinthe: She shrugged her shoulder softly, making the movement look graceful, "I like touching you. I haven't really ever explored you."

Serratenshi: "If I’m telling you where to go, you aren't really exploring."

Tale Absinthe: She gave him a look.

Serratenshi: "Okay okay!" he grinned "Uhn....trail your hands up my legs..."

Tale Absinthe: She nodded her head slightly, as if bowing to his wishes, and placed her hands on his ankles, fanning her fingers out. She lowered herself down, and took minor liberties with his wishes by not just moving her hands over his calves, but her mouth as well, brushing lips over the skin lightly, taking her time. One hand moved ahead, cupped the back of his knee, and forced his leg to bend so that she could move her hand over and kiss her way up the side of his calves.

Serratenshi: He whined gently, taking in a deep breath, the muscles in his legs flexing somewhat as she moved her hands and mouth over them.

Serratenshi: "Keep going."

Tale Absinthe: She let her forearm brush the opposite side of his leg that she was kissing, and brushed her fingers over the skin on the underside of his knee, wondering vaguely if he might be ticklish there too.

Serratenshi: He twitched a little bit, but didn't giggle or, fortunately, jerk his knee rapidly upwards. "Higher..." he mumbled, feeling weird about telling her what to do, but not minding, really.

Tale Absinthe: She moved her hand over the outside of his thigh, using her palm, but not her fingers, to feel over his skin, while she flicked her tongue over the underside of his knee, rolling her eyes upwards to look at him.

Serratenshi: He shivered again, eyes opening briefly to look down at her, a sort of pleading look on his face, as he felt himself grow slightly impatient.

Tale Absinthe: She moved slightly so that she was leaning fully between his legs, and ran her lips over the inside of his thigh, nipping lightly.

Serratenshi: "God, Tale..." he whined softly, thighs clenching.

Tale Absinthe: She curled her fingers over the underside of his thigh and squeezed, holding him in place as she enclosed her mouth over a small spot of flesh, sucking lightly. She pressed her nails into his skin, and brought her teeth down into his skin as she sucked his flesh into her mouth, only releasing him when she was sure she had left yet another mark on him.

Serratenshi: "Make it harder...bruise it..." he hissed.

Tale Absinthe: She smiled and bit down over the mark, kneading the flesh with her tongue and mouth, taking the flesh between her teeth and biting down, harder.

Serratenshi: His hips jerked up in response as he hissed again, harshly, breathing her name desperately.

Tale Absinthe: She released him, softly, trailing her tongue over the mark as she looked up at him, "I don't want to damage you..."

Serratenshi: "Damage me." he instructed, half grinning "Do it."

Tale Absinthe: "Are you sure?" she asked, seriously, looking at him.

Serratenshi: "Very sure. Get whatever you, knives...make me pretty..." he fixed his eyes on her - serious and intent.

Tale Absinthe: "You make it too easy," she murmured, eyeing him, slightly amused, before she returned her mouth to his thigh, with no intention of using anything more than her teeth to damage him.

Serratenshi: He winced as she bit him again, harder, and laughed shakily, one hand reaching out once again to stroke her head gently, affectionately.

Tale Absinthe: She opened her mouth wider and took more of his skin into her mouth, biting down, harder than she ever had before, pulling away from his thigh with his flesh still in her mouth, stretching it, straining the muscles underneath, finally feeling her teeth break the skin. She moved her mouth over slightly and nipped at one of the small wounds, digging her teeth in, feeling the blood soak into her mouth.

Serratenshi: He groaned softly, breathing heavily - almost panting "Shit, Tale..." he whined "I'm not going to last long if you keep that up."

Tale Absinthe: She wrapped her arm around his leg, so that the crook of her elbow cradled the underside of his thigh, and held his leg to her mouth. She unclenched her teeth slowly, and tentatively skimmed her tongue over the wound, before she let her thoughts go, and dipped the tip of her tongue inside. Her breath caught and she opened her eyes at the feeling of her tongue pressed against the inside of a wound, pressed against blood, and meat. He was bleeding more than she had expected him too, or she hadn't realized how badly she had bitten him, because a very small amount of it trickled out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin.

Serratenshi: He gasped, wincing in pain, but rocking his hips up gently and clenching his thighs in pleasure. He moaned hoarsely, whispering her name as his fingers tangled in her hair.

Tale Absinthe: She sucked softly against the wound for a moment, before pulling her mouth away, pulling away enough to look at what she'd done, looking rather surprised. She looked up at him, and licked her lips, silently.

Serratenshi: "Tale..." he whimpered, looking down at her "Don't tease me anymore, now..."

Tale Absinthe: "What do you want me to do, now?" she whispered back.

Serratenshi: "You know what I want."

Tale Absinthe: "Say it."

Serratenshi: "Suck me."

Tale Absinthe: She nodded faintly and leaned up on her elbows between his thighs, reaching out to curl her fingers around the base of him, stroking him lightly. She waited a few moments, then bent down and slid her mouth over the tip of him, circling her tongue over the swell of him before she worked her mouth down the length of him.

Serratenshi: He clenched his eyes shut tightly, suddenly, letting out a low groan, breathing in lightly and then out, shudderingly ((made up word!)), murmuring her name almost unintelligibly.

Tale Absinthe: She came back up and sucked the tip,, breathing lightly through her nose, and then, in one clean movement, moved her mouth over the entire length of him, sealing him in her mouth, working her tongue along the vein on the underside of his penis.

Serratenshi: His free hand reached out to clench the sheets beside him as he rocked his hips up to her, unable to help it, groaning softly, knowing this wasn't going to last very long at this rate.

Tale Absinthe: She held herself there as long as she could, before finally coming up to breath. She focused on the tip, and that small 'v', before she went all the way down on him again. This time, as she came back up, she let her teeth graze over his shaft (haha, shaft! what a word).

Serratenshi: He whined lightly, his hips rocking up of their own accord again. "Stop..." he pleaded with her gently, hardly able to articulate the words.

Tale Absinthe: She took him out of her mouth, her fingers still curled around him, and looked at him.

Serratenshi: "I want you." he explained, breathlessly, not able to move currently, as he tried to calm himself down.

Tale Absinthe: She looked at him for a moment, took him in, and sat up between his legs. She reached under her skirt and removed her panties, tossing them aside as she moved to her knees, one on either side of his hips, straddling him.

Serratenshi: "God..." he laughed, weakly "You're so fucking sexy."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed softly and pressed one hand on the cushions next to his arm, her other hand moving under her skirt, between them, curling her fingers around him again. She led him into her, her eyes fluttering shut as she lowered herself down on him, painfully slowly.

Serratenshi: He breathed out heavily, reaching for her, his hands resting on her hips, steadying her. He looked up at her, his eyes dark, tongue trailing over his cracked lips.

Tale Absinthe: She stayed still above him for a moment, breathing lightly, and opened her eyes as she leaned over him. She brushed her lips over his, and moved above him, rocking her hips down against his quickly, "Touch me."

Serratenshi: He leant up slightly, running his hands up her form, skimming under her shirt to move over her stomach gently, pulling her shirt up and over her head.

Tale Absinthe: She let her arms fall back to her sides, and she moved her hands over his chest, flicking her thumb over his nipples as she moved over him, controlling the movement with hers hips, picking which angle would keep his thrusts shallow, or deep, changing them, surprising him when she could.

Serratenshi: He closed his eyes again, not really being able to stop himself from doing so, swallowing thickly and turning his head to the side, senses heightening as he focused on every sensation in his body - the way she was touching him, the way she was moving around him. He let out a shaky groan again, hips jerking up sporadically.

Tale Absinthe: She whimpered desperately and bit down on her lower lip, her fingers digging into his chest, and changed her rhythm, moving slower over him, taking him in deeper, and holding him there longer before she moved again.

Serratenshi: He trailed her hands up her bare skin gently, over her stomach and up her sides, tracing the bones of her ribs as she breathed in and out. He rolled his hips up against her again, not able to stop himself, shivering.

Tale Absinthe: "God, Lufi..." she said, breath hitching, the words coming out broken. She tightened herself around him and quickened the pace again, making soft noises in her throat.

Serratenshi: He reached his hand up to cup her breast gently through the material of her bra, giving her a quick squeeze before rocking his hips up again, harder, hissing as he breathed out.

Tale Absinthe: She whimpered loudly and bit into her lip, breaking the skin, her movements becoming less and less controlled, more erratic.

Serratenshi: He felt himself tense, and shivered, a ripple running through his body as he pulled her down to him roughly, kissing her hot and hard on the mouth.

Tale Absinthe: She cried out, then thrust her tongue into his mouth, her eyes stinging painfully, finally squeezing tears out of her tightly shut eyes, too much going on in her body to contain it all, and something had to give. She dug her nails into her chest and tore them down over his ribs, tearing over the wound she had made earlier as she tightened around him for the final time, breaking the kiss to cry out again as she came.

Serratenshi: He winced and rocked up hard against her as her nails snagged his flesh, coming rapidly inside of her, his whole body going tense and tight and rigid almost like a corpse. He fell back against the pillows shakily, like a limp rag doll, his head falling to the side.

Tale Absinthe: She rested her forehead against his shoulder, barely able to keep herself from just falling atop him completely, trembling rather noticeably. She breathed in deeply through her nose and kept her eyes closed.

Serratenshi: "Well..." he managed, panting "That was amazing."

Tale Absinthe: She made a noise of agreement and nodded her head faintly.

Serratenshi: He reached out to stroke her hair again, gently.

Tale Absinthe: She let out a long, shaky breath, smiling lightly, "Um ... Happy Valentines Day?"

Serratenshi: He laughed weakly, gently rolling her off him, curling up with her on the pillows "...did I just shove you off in to the wet patch?"

Tale Absinthe: She snickered softly and shook her head, cheeks flush and still wet, "No ... No, don't think so. Don't care."

Serratenshi: "Do you want to sleep here tonight?" he asked, softly "Because if so, there's a clean mattress over there..." he indicated the sheet of thin fabric falling down from an arch in the basement ceiling, through which a comfortable looking mattress (and more fairy lights) was just visible.

Tale Absinthe: She lifted her head slightly to look, and smiled as she let her head fall back against the cushions, "I'd love to, but I don't think I'll make it over there."

Serratenshi: "I'll carry you, then." he grinned.

Tale Absinthe: "Can you walk?" she asked, smiling at him, as she ran her hand over his side. Her fingers brushed over the wound on his ribcage, and she frowned lightly, "...There's no chance you've got something to put on this here, is there?"

Serratenshi: "I don't want to put anything on it...besides, the legs worse." he pointed out.

Tale Absinthe: "You should put something on both of them ... they could get infected."

Serratenshi: "They won't." he said, vaguely.

Tale Absinthe: "I stuck my tongue in your flesh, Lufi."

Serratenshi: "Shhh." he soothed her, kneeling up and scooping her up in his arms with a little difficulty, finding that actually it was rather hard to walk on his wounded leg.

Tale Absinthe: She wrapped her arms around her neck and rested her cheek against his shoulder, watching him, smiling to herself.

Serratenshi: He stumbled over to the little curtain and pulled it back, revealing that the mattress was fairly new looking, with fresh sheets and stacked with comfortable, large pillows. He dropped her down on to it gently, sinking down himself just beside her.

Tale Absinthe: She circled an arm around his waist and curled herself against him, closing her eyes, sighing softly. She could still taste his blood in her mouth, and she kept licking her lips, tonguing at the cut she had made there with her teeth.
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