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Characters: Lufi (Kia), Tale (Day)
Location: Cellar at an abandoned house in Hogsmeade.
Rating: PG

Summary:  The conclusion, with a rather sudden surprise for the two.

Serratenshi: "Are you alright?" he curled an arm around her, too, pressing them together like peas in a pod, or two halves of a ying yang.

Tale Absinthe: She nodded, opening her eyes to look at him, "Better than," she grinned, softly. "My body feels like it's humming."

Serratenshi: He laughed softly, nuzzling against her neck "That's good. I told you you had music inside you."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed lightly, "Apparently. And look who brought it to the front."

Serratenshi: "We're good for each other, then."

Tale Absinthe: She smiled, "I'm glad you finally agree."

Serratenshi: "I do. I'm sorry about all the stuff I said before. I was so wrong."

Tale Absinthe: She kissed his shoulder, lightly, "Forget it. It's in the past. I'm just glad you can see it, now."

Serratenshi: He smiled, kissing her forehead lightly "I can see it. I can see a lot of things."

Tale Absinthe: "Oh? What else?"

Serratenshi: "That I’m my own person and...I don't know." he sighed "It's hard to explain."

Tale Absinthe: "Could you try?"

Serratenshi: "I don't need anybody else." he finished "I feel like I need you, just like I felt like I needed Pax...but I don't...not really. Like you said, I have it inside me. Everything I need. Sometimes I feel like I need other people to bring it out in me, and other people help but...I can do it. By myself."

Tale Absinthe: She smiled, "See? It wasn't me, it was you. It was all you, and you've always been able to do it."

Serratenshi: "It's kind of a scary revelation."

Tale Absinthe: She gave him a light squeeze, "Don't be scared. Just because you don't need anyone else doesn't mean they won't be there for you just the same."

Serratenshi: He mused on this, fingers playing over her skin lightly "I guess."

Tale Absinthe: "You're gonna fall down, Lufi, and you can get up, but people still offer you their hand. It's just the way things work, if you're lucky."

Serratenshi: He nodded, silently, still playing with her hair and sliding his fingers along the sensitive skin of her stomach.

Tale Absinthe: "Good Valentines Day?"

Serratenshi: "Best I’ve had, though it would have been, whatever we'd done."

Tale Absinthe: "You made it really, really special."

Serratenshi: He sighed, resting against her "No, you did."

Tale Absinthe: "You did."

Serratenshi: "You did!" he insisted.

Tale Absinthe: "You did! I didn't do anything."

Serratenshi: "You existed. You wanted to be with me. You care. You listen. You love me. You let me have
your body. You did, and do, a lot."

Tale Absinthe: "Oh ... yeah, you're right, yeah." she nodded. "It was all me."

Serratenshi: He giggled, then look scandalized and clenched his jaw.

Tale Absinthe: She made a loud, appreciative noise and pressed her face to his chest, grinning brightly, "Oh fuck, I love you!"

Serratenshi: "Shut uuuuppp!"

Tale Absinthe: She chuckled, burying her face against his chest, "I do, though. You know that."

Serratenshi: "I know...I don't know why sometimes, but I know that you do."

Tale Absinthe: "I don't know why you love me sometimes, either, so it all works out."
Serratenshi: He held her close, kissing her hair quietly.

Tale Absinthe: She tangled her legs with his, running her hand over his back, "...What are you thinking?"

Serratenshi: "How awake I am. How beautiful you are. What we're going to do tomorrow - do you have to go to school?"

Tale Absinthe: She shook her head, "Not if I don't want to."

Serratenshi: "Do you want to?"

Tale Absinthe: She shook her head again, "No."

Serratenshi: He grinned "Just for that, I promise you a tickle fight tomorrow...with giggling..."

Tale Absinthe: She gasped, and lifted her head from his chest, smiling, "You mean it?"

Serratenshi: "Well...." he paused "....oh fuck, yeah, whatever."

Tale Absinthe: She tilted her face up and kissed his chin, lightly, "Thank you."

Serratenshi: "Anything for my girl."

Tale Absinthe: She raised an eyebrow, "...Anything?"

Serratenshi: "You have some ideas?" he grinned "I'm nervous..."

Tale Absinthe: "Should I really give you a heart attack and say 'marry me?'" she laughed. "That might give me a heart attack, so no."

Serratenshi: He paused for a moment, and continued playing with her hair "...I think I would, you know."

Tale Absinthe: She blinked.

Serratenshi: "....ignore me." he said, quickly, laughing.

Tale Absinthe: "...Are you serious?" she blinked, again. "I mean, not now ... not now, but are you serious?"

Serratenshi: "I think I am...yeah...and...I mean..." he swallowed "I mean, it wouldn't have to be now, no, cause that's impractical and stuff but like...I wouldn't be aversed to it being ... sooner ... Rather than later."

Tale Absinthe: She smiled lightly, eyes bright, "I'm not asking for now. I just can't believe you would actually marry me ... at all."

Serratenshi: "I would. I..." he paused "want to."

Tale Absinthe: "You didn't before," she said, softly.

Serratenshi: "Before what? Before when?"

Tale Absinthe: "Before ... at all. Before tonight."

Serratenshi: "Maybe I did, but I didn't know it."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed weakly and lowered herself to the bed, rubbing her eyes.

Serratenshi: "I'm sorry..." he said, quietly "Maybe I shouldn't have said anything."

Tale Absinthe: "It's not that..." she shook her head. "You just have no idea how good it feels to know you feel the same way about me. That you're not just waiting for us to break up. After all those things you said that night, saying that we will not last, I've been so afraid to say things to you because I didn't want to hear your response, or see your reaction."

Serratenshi: He nodded softly, listening to her, his head on one side. "I'm sorry I made you feel like that."

Tale Absinthe: "You don't have to be sorry if that's how you felt. It was better I knew, I guess, but it was frustrating."

Serratenshi: He nodded again, quietly, not sure quite how to proceed, now, having never done this before.
Tale Absinthe: She pulled her hand away from her face, sighed, and smiled at him. "Got that off my chest. Okay. Feel better."

Serratenshi: "Tale..."

Tale Absinthe: "Yeah, love?"

Serratenshi: He swallowed nervously, not looking at her "Uh...d'" he trailed off "Oh man, forget it."

Tale Absinthe: She raised an eyebrow, "What? Did you think of something to do tomorrow other than a tickle fight? 'Cause I'm holding you to that."

Serratenshi: He laughed "Uh, you could say that, but like I said - um...yeah. don't worry."

Tale Absinthe: She chuckled, "Go on, tell me. Worst to happen is I say no."

Serratenshi: He looked down "That's kinda what I’m afraid of, actually."

Tale Absinthe: She frowned lightly, "You know I wouldn't say no unless it's something I really didn't want to do. I'm usually up for doing anything with you."

Serratenshi: "Marry me?"

Tale Absinthe: She looked at him, obviously not expecting that, not entirely sure he wasn't fucking with her.

Serratenshi: He sat up, looking at her seriously, biting his bottom lip nervously.

Tale Absinthe: She looked up at him, her eyes widened slightly, lips parting. "... You're serious, aren't you?"

Serratenshi: "Kind of, yeah." he murmured awkwardly.

Tale Absinthe: She sat up, looking at him, intently, "Are you?"

Serratenshi: "Yes." he looked at her again, eyes slightly wider than usual, still positive she was going to reject him, and it was going to hurt like hell.

Tale Absinthe: "...Oh, fuck, oh fuck," she said, weakly, her voice slightly higher pitched than usual. She was looking at him, wide-eyed. "Oh, fuck, oh my, God!" she covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes going bright, and she laughed. She laughed again, louder, and drew her hands away from her mouth, launching herself at him, her arms going around his shoulders.

Serratenshi: "Eep!" he squealed, toppling backwards as she fell on him, staring up at her amazed " that 'yes', then?"

Tale Absinthe: "Of course, yes!"

Serratenshi: He grinned widely "Surprised you, did I not?"

Tale Absinthe: "Yes," she cried, lifting herself up on her elbows to look down at him. "Last week you freaking hated me and were all 'No way, Tale, you fucking suck!' and this week you're asking me to marry you. Duh you surprised me!"

Serratenshi: "I didn't say you sucked!"

Tale Absinthe: "Not the point!"

Serratenshi: "You think I’m playing with you, don't you? I'm not."

Tale Absinthe: "I know..." she said, expression softening. "You really want to marry me, don't you? You really just asked me."

Serratenshi: "I really did. That or this is all a dream, and you'll wake up...when I snap my fingers.." he held his fingers up, amused.

Tale Absinthe: She looked at him, softly, then kissed him, cupping his face in her hands.

Serratenshi: He laughed gently against her mouth, lowering his hand to the back of her neck, stroking it gently.

Tale Absinthe: She smiled softly against his lips, kissing him gently. "I'm going to cry, you know."

Serratenshi: "Oh God no, don't! I hate it when you cry! Even when it's good-crying!"

Tale Absinthe: She pressed her face against his throat and laughed, "The love of my life just asked me to marry him, and you don't expect a sap like me to cry?"

Serratenshi: "I'm not the love of your life!" he scoffed, then paused " I?"

Tale Absinthe: She nodded. "You are."

Serratenshi: "You're mine, too."

Tale Absinthe: She settled herself half on top of him and kept her face close to his throat, smiling softly, "I want to marry you."

Serratenshi: "Good. We have to go ring shopping, then." he smirked.

Tale Absinthe: "Aww, I get a ring, too?"

Serratenshi: "Doesn't every engaged girl get a ring?"

Tale Absinthe: "What about engaged boys? Do you want a ring, too?"

Serratenshi: He laughed "As if we can afford two."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed as well, "We can afford two."

Serratenshi: He grinned "Then yes. I do."

Tale Absinthe: She squeezed him gently, and pressed a kiss to his neck, "You've made me ... so happy."

Serratenshi: "I'm glad you didn't cry, though." he smirked.

Tale Absinthe: "I will, later," she smiled. "I'll spare you."

Serratenshi: He laughed "You realise your best friend will probably tell you not to marry me. And then kick my ass. Or try to."

Tale Absinthe: "Draco?" she raised an eyebrow. "He'll probably tell me not to marry you, yeah, but he's not the violent sort," she laughed. "He'll just whine."

Serratenshi: "And you won't listen to him, right?" he said, slight worry showing in his tone.

Tale Absinthe: She looked at him, "Of course not. Nothing he could say would ever make me not want to marry you."

Serratenshi: He grinned goofily, apparently incredibly pleased about this.

Tale Absinthe: "... I don't want to kill this incredible mood, but I have to ask you something."

Serratenshi: He bit his lip "What is it?"

Tale Absinthe: "When we're married ... you're not going to divorce me if I somehow get pregnant, are you?"

Serratenshi: He looked hesitant for a moment, and then shook his head "No. No, I’m not. What would be the point?"

Tale Absinthe: "I don't know... If you don't want kids, okay, but if it happens, I have to know you won't leave me because of it."

Serratenshi: "I won't. I don't think I could. And...I mean, I don't know..." he scratched his head " want kids, right?"

Tale Absinthe: She shrugged, "Maybe. I don't know. Not now, not anytime soon. I'm too selfish to do kids now."

Serratenshi: "If it happens, I’ll be happy, I think. I'm just scared of the idea, because I know I’d screw up."

Tale Absinthe: "How do you know?"

Serratenshi: "I know what I’m like."
Tale Absinthe: "So do I, and I think you could be a good father, if you wanted to be."

Serratenshi: He made a face at her, raising his eyebrows.

Tale Absinthe: "Don't give me that look, I mean it. You know you could be."

Serratenshi: "I'm really not so sure."

Tale Absinthe: "We'll deal with it if the times comes, yeah?"

Serratenshi: He smiled "Yeah...." he paused for a moment "so...when do you want to get married?" he smirked.

Tale Absinthe: She smiled, "Anytime you want. I mean, we said before, we don't want to get married right now, right?"

Serratenshi: "I want whatever you want." he said, softly.

Tale Absinthe: "What if I said tomorrow?"

Serratenshi: "Then I’d say 'okay'." he laughed "But I’d also suggest we take some speed and stay up all night preparing for it."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed, "Okay. Okay, tomorrow. If you're 100% sure this is what you want, and you're not riding high on something that will fade and make you regret it, then tomorrow."

Serratenshi: He looked at her seriously "Do we have time to do it all tomorrow?"

Tale Absinthe: "What all do we have to do?"

Serratenshi: "Get married. Organise getting married." he smirked "Don't you want your friends there or something?"

Tale Absinthe: She frowned lightly, "I don't know if Draco would come. We'll need witnesses, and I don't care if they're strangers, but I'd prefer they were friends ... wouldn't you? Wouldn't you want someone there? Like Pax?"

Serratenshi: "Would you want Pax there?" he asked.

Tale Absinthe: "It's your wedding too. If you want him there, he's more than welcomed to be there."

Serratenshi: "I'm not sure he'd come, either."

Tale Absinthe: She frowned, "Oh."

Serratenshi: "Or, if he did...I don't know. He might fuck it up." he said, honestly.

Tale Absinthe: "How do you mean?"

Serratenshi: "He's a bitter and resentful young man?" Lufi offered "And full of rage."

Tale Absinthe: "He'd fuck up our wedding just because he needed to have a fit?"

Serratenshi: "Something like that."

Tale Absinthe: "What about Bob and Sven?"

Serratenshi: Lufi thought about it, "They'd come. And I guess I’d like them there, but I couldn't ask them and not ask Pax."

Tale Absinthe: "Ask Pax. If he comes, he comes, and ... he can't fuck it up. He can try, but he can't do it."

Serratenshi: Lufi laughed gently "...alright. I'll ask him to come, then. You should ask people, too."

Tale Absinthe: He nodded, "Okay, I will ... Is it okay with you if Draco comes?"

Serratenshi: "It's fine. Nobody else?"

Tale Absinthe: "Remus? Harry?"

Serratenshi: "Anyone you like. I guess I should probably finally meet this Remus guy, anyway." he laughed, kissing her temple gently.

Tale Absinthe: She nuzzled her cheek against his affectionately, "Are we going to dress up or anything like that?"

Serratenshi: "Do you want to? We could. We could hire stuff...or just dress up real pretty with whatever we can find."

Tale Absinthe: "I think I'd like a dress, yeah," she smiled. "Nothing ridiculous, but just something."

Serratenshi: He nodded "What do you want me to wear, then? I can't see me in a suit..."

Tale Absinthe: "You can wear anything you like," she grinned. "Do your rock star thing."

Serratenshi: He smirked "Torn t-shirt and tight pants?"

Tale Absinthe: She laughed softly, "If you want, sure, whatever you're comfortable in. Besides, you look hot in your tight pants. Oh! Honeymood!"

Serratenshi: He grinned "You have school."

Tale Absinthe: She frowned, "...That's not fair!"

Serratenshi: "Take it up with your headmaster."

Tale Absinthe: "I will! I want a honeymood. Don't you?"

Serratenshi: "Where'd we go?"

Tale Absinthe: "Where would you like to go?"

Serratenshi: "I asked you first! I don't know...I’m not...widely traveled...I don't know about these things."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed, "France? Italy? Mexico? Caribbean? New York?"

Serratenshi: "Mexico sounds interesting...don't they make tacos in Mexico?" he smiled dreamily "I liiike tacos."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed and pressed her face against his throat, "Yes, they make tacos in Mexico, and practically every other place in the world, you goof."

Serratenshi: "Yes but aren't they...originally Mexican?"

Tale Absinthe: "You're such a boob," she laughed. "You want to go to Mexico for our honeymoon to eat authentic Mexican tacos."

Serratenshi: "That's a good reason to go anywhere! Well where do YOU want to go?"

Tale Absinthe: "I'll go anywhere as long as it isn't cold."

Serratenshi: "Decide! I can't. I'm bad with ... Decisions."

Tale Absinthe: She smiled, "We have a bit of time to think about it. I can't think straight right now. I've had the best night of my life, the best fuck of my life, and I can't do much thinking. It'll hurt my head."

Serratenshi: He laughed gently "We'd better get up early, then."

Tale Absinthe: "... Do we really want to get married the day after Valentine's Day?"

Serratenshi: "It's up to you."

Tale Absinthe: "Lufi!" she laughed. "Okay, I'd like to get married before my birthday. Tomorrow fits in that, so tomorrow is fine if we can get shit done, but you've already gone on no sleep, and I want you awake for this."

Serratenshi: "Why don't we get married on your birthday?"

Tale Absinthe: "Get married on my birthday?"

Serratenshi: He nodded, quietly.

Tale Absinthe: She smiled lightly, "...Okay. On my birthday."

Serratenshi: "Only if you want to. But that would work, wouldn't it? It would give us more time."

Tale Absinthe: She nodded, "It would give us more time. What about the day before my birthday. It would be an amazing birthday present to wake up next to you knowing I was your wife."

Serratenshi: "Works for me." he grinned "Do you really think Malfoy would come? Isn't he dying, or something?"

Tale Absinthe: She frowned at him.

Serratenshi: He bit his lip "Eep. Sorry. You know I didn't mean that in a bad way..."
Tale Absinthe: She exhaled slowly, "He very well could die if he doesn't get his shit together."

Serratenshi: "Oh." he blinked "I kind of didn't think it was serious."

Tale Absinthe: "He's starving himself and he doesn't care. He just wants to be thin .I've told him, over and over, that he will die. That he's hurting himself more than he can see. He just throws the cutting thing in my face and says he doesn't care if he dies. I had to force him to eat three carrots and two pieces of asparagus the other day."

Serratenshi: "Why do you think he's doing it? I mean...why does he 'want to be thin' - I realise it's very de rigueur these days but last time I saw him he wasn't exactly the Pillsbury doughboy."

Tale Absinthe: "Ugh, no, he's always been skinny. We practically weighed the same, but ... I don't know. I honestly don't know. He just tells me he doesn't want to eat, and he likes the way his body looks now."

Serratenshi: "What's up with his relationships at the moment? Is he getting laid?" Lufi looked serious "Did anything bad happen to him, or around him, or...?"

Tale Absinthe: She looked at him, "I don't know ... he and Star broke up again a while ago, but he's been seeing her again. He's been seeing Cael again too, but I don't think either of them really had anything to do with it. Whenever he eats now, he gets ill. He's let it go too far, and he doesn't seem to mind it one bit."

Serratenshi: "Shouldn't he be in hospital or something?"

Tale Absinthe: "Tried to get him to go to Madame Pomfrey. He doesn't want to go to any professional, and I can understand why on some level."

Serratenshi (4:07:52 AM): Tale Absinthe: Serratenshi (11:43:26 AM): "Shouldn't he be in hospital or something?"

Tale Absinthe (11:44:45 AM): "Tried to get him to go to Madame Pomfrey. He doesn't want to go to any professional, and I can understand why on some level."

Serratenshi: "You can?" Lufi quirked an eyebrow.

Tale Absinthe: "Well ... yeah," she frowned. "I wouldn't want to go to some clinic and have them poke at me, ask me questions, watch over me all the time."

Serratenshi: "I 'spose..." he murmured "But...I mean, if it was a case of life or death you would, right?"

Tale Absinthe: "If I wanted the help, yeah, but it would still be scary."

Serratenshi: He nodded, thoughtfully, not saying anything.

Tale Absinthe: "Would you?"

Serratenshi: "I don't know. I think I might be too...proud to do it, yanno?"

Tale Absinthe: She nodded, "Yeah. That might be Draco's problem, too."

Serratenshi: Lufi smirked "Yeah, look at that, me and Malfoy - we're so alike!"

Tale Absinthe: She laughed lightly, and kissed his shoulder, "Nah, you're not."

Serratenshi: "Thank fuck for that..." he mumbled.

Tale Absinthe: "Are you two going to try and play nice?"

Serratenshi: "I will if he does."

Tale Absinthe: "And if he doesn't?"

Serratenshi: Lufi sighed "Well it depends how....difficult he makes it for me."

Tale Absinthe: "How do you mean?"

Serratenshi: "Well I’m not going to sit there and play nice if he's a complete asshole to me, no."

Tale Absinthe: "Fair enough."

Serratenshi: He sighed "I'll try though - how’s that?"

Tale Absinthe: She kissed his shoulder again, "It's all I ask. But I get the same."

Serratenshi: "You get the same?"

Tale Absinthe: "With Pax. If he's a complete asshole to me, or you, I don't have to play nice."

Serratenshi: "Fair enough. I wouldn't expect you to."

Tale Absinthe: She smiled, "Yeah, and there will be a lot more glasses around to throw at him, I'm sure."

Serratenshi: Lufi giggled again, then bit his bottom lip hard "You're bad for me. Maybe we shouldn't get married."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed, "I make you giggle!"

Serratenshi: "You sure fucking do. You....foul being of Satan."

Tale Absinthe: She narrowed her eyes and growled at him, nipping at his throat.

Serratenshi: He laughed again, wriggling away "See what I mean? Evil!"

Tale Absinthe: She gave a rather good impression of an evil laugh and grabbed his shoulders, pulling him down on top of her. "You mean to say you prefer the sweet, angelic Tale?"

Serratenshi: He looked down at her, amused "Depends. What's the difference, really?"

Tale Absinthe: "Well ... I don't know," she laughed, lightly. "The evil me will bite you, scratch you, and
growl at you. The sweet me with kiss you, pet you, and purr for you."

Serratenshi: "Hmmm...sounds like we'll have to achieve an equal balance, then. I like both."

Tale Absinthe: "Good idea," she grinned. "You're smart."

Serratenshi: "Even though I had no edu-ma-cation...who would have thunk it."

Tale Absinthe: She curled an arm around his shoulders and cupped the back of his neck, smiling at him.

Serratenshi: He pecked her on the lips gently "You're beautiful."

Tale Absinthe: She smiled softly and nuzzled her nose against his, "So you say."

Serratenshi: "You are. Do you believe it?" he looked serious, suddenly.

Tale Absinthe: She shrugged lightly, "I don't know. I don't think I'm ugly. I think I'm odd looking, really,"
she smirked.

Serratenshi: "You are beautiful." he said, defiantly "I want you to see that."

Tale Absinthe: "Why? You don't believe me when I tell you you're beautiful."

Serratenshi: He laughed "Yeah's different somehow." he paused "I don't want you to end up like Malfoy or some shit, ok?"

Tale Absinthe: "How is it different? How could I end up like Draco?"

Serratenshi: "I' I'm me." he shrugged "It just is different. And I don't want you to...ever doubt for a minute that you're beautiful and perfect just as you are."

Tale Absinthe: "But I don't want you to doubt that you're beautiful and perfect either. It's no different."

Serratenshi: He shrugged "I kind of disagree...but okay."

Tale Absinthe: "Same I can't draw for shit," she laughed, lightly. "Maybe then I could have drawn you as I see you, and then you'd believe me."

Serratenshi: "I'm cool with being a stick man."

Tale Absinthe: She chuckled, "But you are beautiful."

Serratenshi: "A beautiful stick man, then?"

Tale Absinthe: She smiled and drew his head down, kissing the tip of his nose, "Yes, a beautiful stick man."

Serratenshi: He laughed, shaking his head, nuzzling his face in to her neck, breathing her in.

Tale Absinthe: She pressed her cheek against his hair and closed her eyes, running the pad of her thumb over the back of his neck. "Does your leg hurt?"

Serratenshi: He made a non commital noise somewhere between a yes and a no.

Tale Absinthe: "I can't believe I did that."

Serratenshi: "I can." he half laughed.

Tale Absinthe: She chuckled softly, "Oh you can, can you? Why's that?"

Serratenshi: "Remember? You're at least fifty percent demon."

Tale Absinthe: She laughed, "But I tasted you. Really tasted you."

Serratenshi: He quirked a brow at her, curiously.

Tale Absinthe: She shrugged, "I don't know. I don't know how to explain it. That's just what it felt like for me"

Serratenshi: He nodded, slowly.

Tale Absinthe: She shrugged again, wordlessly.

Serratenshi: "I don't mind, that you did it. I liked it."

Tale Absinthe: She smiled, "I could tell."

Serratenshi: He laughed "Was I that obvious?"

Tale Absinthe: She nodded, grinning, "Yes, but I'm glad you were."

Serratenshi: He kissed her gently on the mouth, smoothing her hair out of her eyes "Me too."

Tale Absinthe (10:14:56 AM): She looked up at him and let out a slow breath, smiling lightly, "God, you really are beautiful."

Serratenshi: "Stop saying that..." he half laughed "I'll get a big head...or something."

Tale Absinthe: She made a noise and nuzzled her face against his hair, silently.

Serratenshi: He sighed, his grip around her tightening, holding her close. " we'll have to start wedding planning seriously tomorrow, then..."

Tale Absinthe: She nodded, "Yeah ... We've got a lot to do, or at least, a lot of think about and decide. Which means we should probably try and get some sleep."

Serratenshi: "Probably." he agreed "...I’m kind of stunned that you said yes. And a bit stunned that I asked...I didn't really plan on it."

Tale Absinthe: "You haven't change your mind, have you?"

Serratenshi: "Hm...maybe..." he teased, eyes sparkling.

Tale Absinthe: She tensed and pulled away to look at him, then smack him lightly on the arm, frowning, as she caught the look on his face, "Ass. Don't scare me like that!"

Serratenshi: He giggled, then stuffed his fist in his mouth "agh. fuck. no more of this!"

Tale Absinthe: She grinned, "Awww, cute Lufi!"

Serratenshi: "I'm going to sleep before I do anything else that may jeopardise my....manhood."
Tale Absinthe: She snickered and settled down beside him, "S'fine. I've the rest of my life to make you giggle, doesn't need to be done all in one night."

Serratenshi: He poked her gently in the ribs, sliding off of her and curling his arms around her again, resting his head on the pillow.

Tale Absinthe: She rested her forehead close to his and laid a hand over the side of his neck, looking at him for a few minutes before she closed her eyes.

Serratenshi: He kissed her sleepily on the forehead, murmuring something vaguely like 'I love you', before drifting off.
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