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Harry Potter

Sorry, I know it's late. Just for ya'll sparkly kids, here's Harry's profile.

Character's full name: Harry James Potter

Is it the name your character was born with? If not, what is your
characters birth name? yeah. Yay for Canon.

Nickname/Nicknames and who calls your character this/these? 'The Boy Who Lived' - the entire wizarding world,
Harry's just.. Harry to everyone. Blaise calls him Potter to tease him. Tale calls him Larry occasionally.

Your characters birth parents are/were: Lily and James Potter.

Your characters current gaurdians/parents if circumstances have changed: Harry is 18, so he's officially on his own, but he still writes to Sirius for help sometimes. The Dursley's

Your characters living arrangements: Living in an annex with Star Ruet, Zack Gray, Blaise Zabini and Theo Nott. Right now, Harry is technically homeless as he gave up his flat to come back to school.

Siblings: None.

Relationship with parents/siblings (how they 'get along'): I guess it's kind of non applicable. However, Harry's relations have been interesting with his family. Dudley's in University, and Vernon works all day, so Petunia has taken to writing letters to Harry at school. Odd, terse letters, but letters none the less.

Characters past/present romantic relationships: Ginny Weasley, and he dated Mandy and Demise once or twice. Cecilia "CC" - Muggle neighbor, and now Blaise Zabini.

characters hair colour: dark black/brown, shaggy(sexy!).

characters eye colour: green. really green.

piercings? nipples!

tattoos? none.

scars/distinguishing features? uh....ha.

what is your character most afraid of?

Obviously, he's terrified that the people around him are going to die
and he's not going to be able to stop it. But on a deeper level he believes the prophecy, and knows
that he is the only one who will be able to stop Voldemort, and he's scared of the power that is
in his hands. Harry is terrified of his magical ability - worried about it corrupting him, and the
lives he knows he will eventually have to take.

what makes your character deliriously happy? When people do ordinary things for him, treat him like a real person. Things like eating dinner with family (like the Weasleys), having someone give him a hug for no reason.. just simple things. Going out into the muggle world helps him deal with his celebrity a lot, because he can just fade into the background. And riding his motorbike - he digs that a lot too.

when was the last time your character had a good cry, and why? Aww.. last time Harry cried was when he found Hermione out in the snow, and she didn't talk for a week.

is your character a virgin? no, but he's only had sex like twice.

does your character suffer from an illness or condition (either physical, mental or whatever)? wild nightmares, chronic pain/visions from his scar.

Has your character ever been to hospital? Why? A million times - because people keep trying to kill him.

Has your character ever been in jail/involved with the police (wizarding or muggle)? Why? Only with the wizarding police afew times for smallish things. He got pulled over once in Muggle london, but he obliviated the officer!

What kinds of things make your character laugh? Mock seriousness, friendly challanges, bad puns, practical surprises. He's got a quirky, if broad range of humor.

Characters favorite book (and why it matters to them/they like it): Strangely enough, even though Harry won't admit it (at all) - he really enjoys wizarding history... and yes, he loves Hogwarts: A History, just because he conciders it his home.

Favorite band (ditto above): Bob Dylan and Radiohead. He loves the dark, soft despair in Radiohead, and
Bob Dylan songs always make him happy and get him going.

Favorite song (ditto): 'Firestarter' by Prodigy

Favorite item of clothing (ditto): *snicker* You mean that's his? Well, he's really fond of his 'co-ed naked quiddich' shirt, but other than that he's painfully addicted to the Weasley jumpers. He wears them around the annex all the time.

Favorite drink: Straight whiskey.

Favorite food: anything that makes him full.

Favorite place (ditto): The Burrow; he loves wizarding households.

Where did your character grow up?: Surrey!

Describe a childhood memory of your characters: Harry broke a plate when he was 9, and Vernon was drunk and broke his jaw on accident. That night, Harry cried the entire night and was so sad that all the paintings in the house cried real tears for a week.

Does your character play any musical instruments?: guitar.. semi badly.

Does your character use drugs or smoke? If so what, and why? He drinks, but that's about all Harry's going to do. He only gets drunk every once in a while, at that.

What is your characters worst habit? letting his self-pity and guilt consume him. Talking before thinking. B eing moody as shit.

What is your characters worst personality trait?: He's kind of obsessive. He hates being the 'boy who lived' but he's consumed by his role at the same time. He's obsessed with fame's impact on his relationships, always concerned about his celebrity status and how people think of him.

What is your characters best personality trait?: He's geniunely nice and friendly. Also, despite all the crap that has happened to him, Harry still tries his best to be happy, even though it doesn't work all the time. He's also very spontaneous at times.

Name three other characters who are important to your character: Hermione, Weasleys, Blaise .

Tell us what your character likes about each of these people:

Hermione - Harry adores Hermione because not only does she know what he's thinking all the time, she normally helps him sort out his feelings before he's even got them in his head. He also likes that he can trust her level-headedness and that now, he can take any situation to her without hearing a lecture about it. Hermione's helped him out of the biggest scrapes of his life. Harry loves Hermione for her brilliance and compassion, and thinks of her like family, but way closer. He in turn is obsessively protective of her, and consequently, she is also one of the biggest sources of guilt for Harry.

Weasleys - Ron he loves because they are like brothers - they fight and play sports together, help each other out of all sorts of crazy shit that only boys can get into. Ron is as important to Harry as Hermione, especially since Harry doesn't have many male friends. Ron, as his room mate for 7 years, had seen the best and the worst of Harry's nightmares, and Harry's always felt comfortable to talk to Ron about them, if no one else. They've been strangely distant lately, but they aren't living together and Harry's been busy with school and Blaise. He's hoping they'll eventually just come back together.

Harry really enjoys Ginny's spirit and good attitude, and the fact that she's proud of her family and who she is. He really respects her as he knows she is tough and practical, and is greatful for her advice.

He loves the rest of the Weasley family very much for all their support and protection, and because they treat him like one of their own. They are about as close to a family as Harry can possibly get, and he is so very grateful for it all.

Blaise - To Harry, Blaise presents all the things he's always wanted in someone, but that he never knew he wanted. She's always game for his quirky 'fieldtrips' and she has a good sense of humor, strangely parallel to his. Blaise is always up for his spontaneous adventures and games. Blaise's natural grace draws him, and he finds it strangely alluring to know that she has a mask for everyone else, but will take it off for him.

Tell us what your character doesn't like about them:

Hermione is always thinking that her way is the only way to solve things. She's not very content sometimes with Harry doing something she feels is unsafe or self-destructive.

Ron is a bit of a prat sometimes, and lets his jealousy and anger to boil up when they shouldn't. Harry knows they have drifted apart as they've both been busy, but he feels like they'll be invariably be pushed together soon.

With Ginny, he's scared of the changes she's showing and he hates that she's dating Maghnus. He's also thinks she plays dumber than she actually is.

Blaise - Harry is unhappy in someways because he knows that Blaise is, at times, haughty and cruel, and he's not sure if she really believes in all the elitist pure-blood ideas. He couldn't stand for her to look at him less because of his blood, or anyone else.

Characters favorite colour: RED.

Favorite class (and why): DADA. because he kicks ass. He's been training privately with Dumbledore and others since the end of 5th year.

What is your character interested in/what do they like to do in
their spare time: Harry paints pretty decently, and plays a decent guitar sometimes. He also likes bad muggle horror movies, and he watches them frequently.

When was your characters first kiss? With whom? : Cho Ghang, 5th year. AHHH, so bad.

Characters biggest regret: That people have died because of him. Recently, Hermione's been on the forefront of his mind.

Describe your characters education before Hogwarts: Primary school.

If your character had to be put in to a 'highschool stereotype', what
would their stereotype be and why? : Jock. total jock.


Is your character a typical slytherin/gryffindor/hufflepuff/ravenclaw?
Why/why not? What traits does your character display that fit with
the stereotype of their house? Harry's a typical gryffindor - brave and heastrong, loyal.

Describe your character in five words: sweet, fun, spontaneous, moody, martyrd
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dudley's at university? WOW wonders will never cease! LoL