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Blaise and Harry Christmas Eve! .....I didn't proof, I'm sorry I'm lazy

Okay, let's set the scene for you... after a disasterous/absolutely wonderful kiss a few nights ago, Blaise and Harry haven't talked, even though they've both been more than slightly miserable. Blaise went home for Christmas, and Harry's in the common room, reading and brooding....


o0 Smimmsie 0o: joy, so excited. okay, uhm... it's Christmas eve, and harry's in the common room, watching the fire and reading a book, .... or more like, just looking at the pages of the book.
o0 Smimmsie 0o: you gotta start, though. hahaha

Girl Weasley: lol ok
Girl Weasley: here goes...
Girl Weasley: A rather large tawny tapped away on the window with its beak. Attached to its leg was a square parcel labelled "Harry Potter"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry looked up from the book he wasn't really reading, to see the tawny owl at the window. His eyebrow raising, he walked over to the window, wondering why Mrs. Weasley didn't send her presents with Pig. When he opened the window, the bird flew in and snapped of the string attaching the box and flew off out the window before Harry could even blink. "Well, then," he said softly to himself.

Girl Weasley: inside the box nestled a large scarlet leatherbound book with "Dictionary" embossed on it in gold letters. on the fly leaf was enscribed "To Harry, I thought this might help. B." there was also a scarlet leather bookmark marking open a certain page, where a word was underlined in Scarlet ink

Girl Weasley: Main Entry: 1per·fect
Function: adjective

1 a : being entirely without fault or defect : FLAWLESS
b : satisfying all requirements
c : corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept
d : faithfully reproducing the original; specifically
e : legally valid
b : lacking in no essential detail
e : of an extreme kind

synonyms PERFECT, WHOLE, ENTIRE, INTACT mean not lacking or faulty in any particular.

PERFECT implies the soundness and the excellence of every part, element, or quality of a thing frequently as an unattainable or theoretical state . WHOLE suggests a completeness or perfection that can be sought, gained, or regained . ENTIRE implies perfection deriving from integrity, soundness, or completeness of a thing . INTACT implies retention of perfection of a thing in its natural or original state .

o0 Smimmsie 0o:Harry's eyes got wide, wondering exactly what Blaise had meant. a little time passed, during which Harry pondered the meaning of the gift and there was another tapping at the window, this time it was a large eagle owl, holding another larger box
o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry stood from couch and gingerly placed the dictionary aside, stepping up to open the window. Again, the owl discarded the package and flew off.

Girl Weasley: This package was much larger and FRAGILE was written all over the box, Harry lifted the lid to reveal....
Girl Weasley: the painting from the gallery, the one of the man and thee woman entwined
o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry gasped, and then reached a hand to touch the painting. 'Does this mean something?', he wondered. 'She probably just remembered that I liked it so much...' Harry shook his head. 'She was way too clear with her answer,' he decided. Suddenly, this choice of gift made him very angry and very sad at the same time. It looked hollow, like it had before they had looked at it together. Still, he was touched she had remembered, as he really wasn't expecting something this extravagant. He heard a knock at the door, and Harry blinked and climbed over the couch (over the back, of course... Harry loved scrambling over furniture.) He expected it might be Ginny, coming to wish him a Merry Christmas, but nothing prepared him for who was standing at the door. He opened his mouth, but he was speechless.

Girl Weasley: Blaise stood there, dressed in a long black coat (no she's not naked!) she looked up at him and opened her mouth but nothing came out, she swallowed and tried again "Merry Christmas"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry didn't know what to say. He pulled the door open further. "Merry Christmas," he replied, softly as in awe.

Girl Weasley: she smiled shyly and stepped in, she noticed the boxes and wrapping "so you got your gifts?"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry nodded, still slightly speechless. His eyes were still wide, as if he couldn't believe she was there.

Girl Weasley: She realised this must be awkward, hell, she was almost shaking but his silence was making her uncomfortable, "did you like them?" she asked

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry smiled. "I did," he said. Then he shook his head. "I'
o0 Smimmsie 0o: "I wasn't expecting any of it. Thank you."

Girl Weasley: she gave him a half smile "i didn't think you would be, i've hardly been..." she paused "well it was awkward" she finished

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry nodded and moved over to sit down on the couch, and he offered her a small smile. "I.. I've been part of the reason. I felt like maybe I had to give you some space or time or something," he made some random gesture with his hand.

Girl Zabini: She remained standing, "No, i don't think you're part of the reason in the way that you think you are. I thought you wouuldn't want to see me" she said quietly

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry shook his head vehemently. "That's not the case at all!" He stood up. "I want you around, of course I do. You think I wouldn't want to hang around you after that?"
o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry shook his head. "I like you for a lot of reasons, Blaise. not just because you're easy to look at," he said, shaking his head at her foolishness.

Girl Zabini: She nodded her head "Of course, i didn't tell you about Malcolm - i didn't think i had to because, well i didn't think it mattered afterall, you liking me is pretty far fetched dont' you think?"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry nodded. "I've been kind of... judgemental, when it comes to Slytherins.. but I thought we got over that a while back. You still call me Potter, but that's just you being an ass," he grinned rougishly at her. "I hope you think of me as Harry before you concider anything else, including my scar or my last name."

Girl Zabini: "What scar?" she said grinning at him "contrary to what other people see, its not the first thing i notice when i look at you"
Girl Zabini: she sat down on the chair opposite him "so you're not cross about Malcolm?" she asked

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry shook his head. "Dissapointed, but not cross. I.. you didn't really have any reason to tell me, honestly. We just went to go have fun, and it turned along the way, and.. we just got caught up in," he said to her sincerely. "I'm still caught, I guess," he said, so softly he didn't know if she would hear him.

Girl Zabini: she bit her lip "He doesn't know him here" she said "part of me feels terrible but i wanted to see you" she ventured looking up at him

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry looked up at her, hope springing in his head, but he said nothing. "You shouldn't feel terrible.. I never expected to see you... I haven't seen anyone, actually... it feels like Christmas, now," he said, smiling brightly at her, nervous.

Girl Zabini: she smiled back "i wish i could have stayed here too" she said softly, and then looked away

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry smiled. "It's probably best you didn't, I've been somesort of a wreck.. Trying to finish all my projects for Christmas..." Harry brightened. "I really did love my gifts, thank you."

Girl Zabini: she looked concerned, but brightened "good, i'm so glad, i was worried you might send them back"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry laughed. "You could have sent me shit wrapped up in tinsel and I would have kept it," he said jokingly. "How long are you going to stay?" he inquired.

Girl Zabini: she frowned "i have to be back by morning" she sighed "am i being unfair to you? if i am please just tell me to go, i don't want to be that person"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry blanched, but he didn't want to say anything. He wasn't sure if she was saying what she was saying or offering what he thought she was offering. He just merely settled for a hand on hers and a smile. "no, I really want you to be here. Also, I was hoping you would have time to go with me to see your gift," he said, his face bright with excitement.

Girl Zabini: "you got me a gift?" she brightened "you didn't have to do that"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "I did, though.." Harry smiled. " I didn't know what to get you, but I ... don't know if you'll like it but it seemed like a good idea." He stood up and got his coat from the rack by the door. "Do you want to go see it? It's off grounds," he said.

Girl Zabini: she nodded and got up, following him out "of course i want to see it"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry locked the door and they walked down through teh castle. When he came to the main doors, he pushed them open and then stepped in the cold, casting a warming charm and offering Blaise his arm. "Ready? It's practically freezing out here!" he said.

Girl Zabini: she nodded and snuggled deeper into her coat and took his arm "this better not be dangerous" she said smirking

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "I am dangerous, Blaise. Let alone everything else!" he said laughing. "But no, it's relatively easy. I'm good at apparating." He grinned.

Girl Zabini: "Dangerous? Pfft" she said digging him in the ribs "where are was apparating to?" she asked, curiously

o0 Smimmsie 0o: He smiled. "You know where, but I'm not going to ruin it." He recast the warming charm and pulled Blaise a little closer for warmth. Blushing, he realized what he had just done and straightened up, putting a little more distancec between them. ".....and you've never seen me duel, either," he said, with a gleam in his eye.

Girl Zabini: she looked confused and didn't mind at all when Harry pulled her closer, infact she was disappointed he'd pulled away from her. "What on earth are you jabbering about, Potter?"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Me being dangerous, of course. I figured you should be aware of your situation, being a Slytherin and all. Gotta plan an escape route and such," he teased her, poking her in the side as she had done him.

Girl Zabini: "i've already got one" she said, nose in the air but smiling slightly as he poked her "that tickles"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: He grinned when they passed the boundaries. "Sucks to be you, then. Ready?" he asked.

Girl Zabini: "as i'll ever be" she said in a resigned tone but giving him a smile
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