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Oblivion is good

Girl Weasley: Ginny sauntered through the portrait hole confidently. She'd managed to successfully avoid her brother all day, at mealtimes, going to and from classes -she'd even taken the long route to ancient runes so she wouldn't go past his annex. At least here she should be safe.

Spark the Moon: Ron sat, cross legged in the middle of her sister's bed, wand in lap, looking thoughtful. As she opened the curtain to her bed, he greeted her. "Good Evening, Ginevra"

Girl Weasley: She jumped "Bloody hell Ron what it Merlin's name do you think you're doing? How did you get up the stairs?" she asked shutting the door quickly. She put her bag down by her desk and turned her back to him "What do you want anyway?"

Spark the Moon: "I have friends in high places. Namely at the top of the stairs. I want to have a chat with you, little sister" he said in his usual tone

Girl Weasley: she sighed and busied herself rearranging her papers on her desk "So chat then Ronald, can't promise i'll chat back"

Spark the Moon: "I hear you've been seeing someone. For quite some time. Someone...oh, from a different house"

Girl Weasley: "I'm a busy busy witch, places to go, things and people to DO" she smirked at him hoping to rile him

Spark the Moon: he glared as hard as he'd ever glared. "Yes, certainly." He tried to keep a bit calm "I don't think you've realised the consequences of your..Doing"

Girl Weasley: "You mean apart from the fact you don't like it?" she shot back "It's my life I can do as I like. I don't whinge about your choice of girlfriend - oh wait, you don't have one"

Spark the Moon: "I do actually. I'm just bloody discreet enough to NOT DATE THE SON OF DEATH EATERS!" he roared.

Girl Weasley: She stood there impassive "You should calm down Ronald, you'll give yourself an ulcer or worse" she added "I'm perfectly aware of Maghnus's parentage - I'm not stupid"

Spark the Moon: "Then your fucking aware of what your sweethearts mother did to Neville's parents. Don't you have a shred...a SHRED of conscience?"

Girl Weasley: "Maghnus didn't do it, we can't help our parents Ron nor can we control what they do"

Spark the Moon: "Because Draco totally didn't pick anything up off his parents, the toerag. If mum ever finds out..." he said in a low growl

Girl Weasley: "Tell her what you like, I don't care" she said "What did you think would be the outcome of this "conversation" Ron? that I would say I'd never see Maghnus again?"
Spark the Moon: "I don't think you'd get the chance to say a whole lot."

Girl Weasley: She sighed and sat down on her desk chair "So go on big brother, anything else to add to the "Maghnus is evil - stay away from him" routine, it's getting very dull you know"

Spark the Moon: "how about..oooh, he's possessed and shouldcouldawoulda been in Slytherin! You're a Gryffindor Ginny! What's wrong with all of you! First harry, now you...."

Girl Weasley: "He's not possessed, that's ludicrous and what do you mean what's wrong with Harry? He's missing you idiot not evil"

Spark the Moon: "I know that...but even if he's missing" Ron looked slighlty ill even thinking of this "Fact remains he was dating that bloody Zabini girl. And..even if he's not...why can't you go out with someone normal. Even that Kit boy's better than this

Girl Weasley: Ginny burst out laughing "Shagging Kit would be like, well shagging you Ron" she wrinkled up her nose in disgust. "Actually Zabini came with me and Lavender to try to find a centaur to find Harry, so she can't be that evil. I'm sure she hasn't got Harry locked up in a dungeon somewhere occasionally feeding him andn using him for sexual gratification. I dunno where you get these ideas from Ron - you're so prejudiced"

Spark the Moon: "No I'm Not! I'm just not stupid. There isn't a witch or wizard that went bad that wasn't in that house. Hello!! YOu...You know who possessed you in second year and you still haven't learnt your fucking lesson!!"

Girl Weasley: "Maghnus isn't in that house and you're telling me he's evil" she replied lightly ignoring the comment about her infamous first year at Hogwarts. "Peter Pettigrew was a Gryffindor" she added "Your theory doesn't stand. Why do you hate Zabini anyway? Does it matter who Harry dates or who I date? Why don't you get a life of your OWN Ron and stop interfering in mine"

Spark the Moon: "I Have one! And part of it's being your brother, in case you've forgotten. The boy's evil. And bad news. And he'll be bad for you.:"

Girl Weasley: "So what do you want me to do?" she asked tired of dancing around in circles, Ron was bloody minded at times.

Spark the Moon: "Break up with the fucker, I thought the general message would have been!!"

Girl Weasley: "I don't think that will be necessary" she said quietly twirling her wand in her fingers

Spark the Moon: "Why? Going to cure him of abeing a pillock, are we?"

Girl Weasley: "No Ronald. Nothing as ridiculous as that. Seems your a bit out of the loop as far as gossip goes, I'm surprised Lavender didn't mention Demise and Maghnus"

Spark the Moon: "So he's dumped you?"

Girl Weasley: "No, not at all. I've only been told he was with her, I haven't spoke to Demise yet" she was eerily calm "You not breaking out the champagne yet Ron? I thought you'd be pleased that something nasty had happened to me"

Spark the Moon: "It's bloody terrible" He said seriously. Not that you might break up with you..just that he... why, when he could have had you? Stupid bastard, I'll break his face" he leapt off the bed.

Girl Weasley: "Sit!" she commanded and pointed her wand at him the end of it glowed red

Spark the Moon: "What are you going to do, Ginny, hex me?" he pulled out his own wand

Girl Weasley: "Just sit Ronald. You will leave Maghnus to me. I can deal with him, believe me."

Spark the Moon: he glared. "Just because you're in that creepy little club doesn't make you the boss of me" he scowled petrificus totalus! he shouted, pointing his wand at Ginny

Girl Weasley: Ginny didn't even bother to utter a curse the red glow from her wand spread round her and the curse was absorbed into it. "Let's not hurl hexes at each other Ron"

Spark the Moon: Ron looked weirded out. "What the fuck was that?"

Girl Weasley: "New spell" she said "Good huh?"

Spark the Moon: "Fucking hell, what are they teaching you in that class??"

Girl Weasley: "Protection" she replied "So," she changed the subject "You would like me to stop seeing Maghnus, is this correct?"

Spark the Moon: "Please. I will leave you be if you just get a nice, normal boyfriend. Like Terry. Well, he's not normal. He's percy. But you know."

Girl Weasley: "Terry? Terry has the sexuality of a dishcloth, I'm sure I can find someonen to satisfy my needs and your criteria" she grinned "I'm not promising anything Ronald, all i'm saying is don't get too uptight about Maghnus because it might not even be an issue for much longer"

Spark the Moon: "good. just voicing my concern. I'll see you at breakfast"

Girl Weasley: "Just voicing your concern? yeah very brotherly of you" she turned her back on him and sat down at her desk "I'd appreciate it if you didn't barge into my room Ron - i don't invade your personal space"

Spark the Moon: "Sorry. I couldn't find you. Feel free to barge in on me."

Girl Weasley: "I don't know what I might find, possibly you and Finnigan mid snog" she snorted

Spark the Moon: "Her name's Andromache, actually. And it won't be a snog, believe you me"

Girl Weasley: "Yeah Right" she blurted out "You're such a stud!" she laughed

Spark the Moon: "Better believe it, Gin" he winked and punched her lightly on the arm before turning to go

Girl Weasley: She frowned "Ron?" she said calling him back "I'm glad we had this little chat" Her wand tip glowed red again

Spark the Moon: he span around. "As am I" he smiled. "I'm bloody hungry though. Think I might go raid Luna's Pumpkin pastie stash"

Girl Weasley: "Obliviate" she whispered hardly believing she'd said the words. She watched the spell hit Ron and didn't even realise her lips moving muttering another spell, a spell that would keep Ron out of her way and probably permanently in the castle kitchens. She felt the power surge inside her and then all was quiet. She spoke to Ron very carefully "Thanks for dropping by Ron, but i don't have any of that toffee mum sent me and the girls ate it the other night"

Spark the Moon: "It's okay. I'll pop by andromache's room and see...her" he smiled and went to go

Girl Weasley: "Okay, bye Ron" she said managing a smile. Once he'd left she sank down into the chair and dropped her wand, pushing it away from her. She couldn't believe what she'd just done.
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Evil Ginny! perfect!