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Harry Potter

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry put his hand over her eyes just as they apparated, and he kept them on her eyes, when they appeared in the hallway. They were in the art hall way of the coffee shop, and Harry was staring at Blaise's gift, hoping she wouldn't outright laugh at him for his efforts. It really didn't do her justice. It was a water color of Blaise, standing on the street, backlit by christmas decorations and store signs, grinning with snow in her hair and all over her jacket.

Girl Zabini: she smiled trying ot peek through his fingers and her eyelashes brushing against his fingers, "can i look now?" she asked impatiently

o0 Smimmsie 0o: He took a deep breath and then gingerly let go of her eyes. "Yes," he said resignedly

Girl Zabini: she opened her eyes and just stared, she stepped closer to the painting "Its me?" she said turning towards him "you painted me?" she turned back to the painting "its beautiful noone's ever..." she turned back to him, not knowing how to express what she felt

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry shrugged. "I know it's nothing fantastic, and if you want my opinion, it doesn't nearly do you justice..." he trailed off. "but I want everyone who walks by here to leave smiling like I did when I left here with you," he blinked, not expecting for all that to come out.

Girl Zabini: She was alternating staring at the painting and staring at him "Its amazing." she said "personally i think you've flattered me" she smiled softly "when did you do it?"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry blushed. "I'm glad you like it, Blaise.. I've been working on it every day since the day we got here. There's another copy of it back at the flat, but I wanted you to know there was one here, .... I thought you might enjoy that."

Girl Zabini: "you mean people are seeing it?" she was still in shock "thats a little weird"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry's smile faltered. "I'm sorry, it doesn't have to stay... I ... just wanted people walk by and see how beautiful you are," he finished lamely.
o0 Smimmsie 0o: "aaah, I'm really such a fuck-all at this," he whispered under his breath.

Girl Zabini: "no, i don't mind, i just find it weird that people would be looking at me, not in a creepy way, do you know what i mean?" she reached out and took his hand and gave it a squeeze "noone's done anything like this for me, ever"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry looked down at her hand on his and then looked back towards his face. "I couldn't think of anything else that would be good enough," he acknowleged, holding tightly to her hand.

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Girl Zabini: she looked down at the floor "i dont deserve this" she said quietly "i really don@t

o0 Smimmsie 0o: For the second time, Harry put a finger under Blaise's chin and tilted her head up to his. "Hey, none of that," he said, noting that some how his gloves were off and his hand had involentarily moved to her cheek. "I'm the only one allowed to be brooding and self-depreciating around here!"
Girl Zabini: "i@ll have to fight you for it" she said smiling slightly feeling very warm as he touched her cheek>

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "You can take me down any time, short stuff... that is, if you think you can." Harry always loved looking down at girls.
Girl Zabini: she glared up at him "i could take you!"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "I've got you beat hands down," he cockily leered at her. "We could go outside and find out, if you dare," he challanged.
Girl Zabini: "if you say so potter" she sneered "you@re on"

Girl Zabini: she pulled him towrads the exit

o0 Smimmsie 0o: As soon as they hit the door, Harry grabbed Blaise by the waist and picked her up and threw her over his shoulders. "Ha!"
Girl Zabini: "oi< thats cheating< put me down potter" she yelled beating on his back with her fists "

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "No, this is!" he said, and while he was feeling brave he quickly took his hand from her waist and gave her ass a little squeeze.

Girl Zabini: she blushed "you@re so dead harry potter" she said giggling "how dare you" and dangling over his shoulders she reached down and slapped his arse

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry was still laughing, and nearly had tears running down his face. In fact, that was probably why he didnt' see the giant rock and wound up flying into a large snow drift, letting go of Blaise and landing with a loud 'Oof' and Blaise on top of him.

Girl Zabini: "ouch" she said in a small voice "at least you broke my fall" she said pushing snow out of her face "you alive potter? anything broken?" she asked

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry shook his head, noticing too well that Blaise was lying very comfortably on top of him and her face was inches from his. "Only my pride, " he grumbled.

Girl Zabini: "oh nothing too bad then" she grinned "could have been much worse"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry grinned. "Alls well that ends well, eh?" he asked, one arm somehow sliding around her waist and pulling her into even closer contact with him.

Girl Zabini: she flushed as he pulled her closer "mmm i suppose" she said trying to avoid his eyes> she realised what a compromising position they were in "so do i win this time?" she asked "i@m on top"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Who ever said life was fair?" he whispered to her, very concious of the position they were in, and how she was wriggling. "You squirming like that isnt' very fair, either," he said into her ear.
Girl Zabini: "i cant help it youre squashing me" she said shivering as he spoke close to her ear

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Poor liddle Zabini, is the big bad Harry Potter squishing you?" Harry felt very... predatorial right at the moment, and decided he enjoyed it and wasn't going to give up so easily.
Girl Zabini: she scowled at him "i@m not scared of you potter" she said "besides< its hardly a fairly matched fight"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry just looked at her cooly, "You were the one who took the challange. So you'll take your punishment!" he grinned, scooping some snow up in one hand while the other creeped down to her hips.

o0 Smimmsie 0o: He smiled evilly as he put the snowball directly in Blaise's face.

Girl Zabini: "pffthththhhhh" she spluttered bucking underneath him "youre so dead" she hissed grabbing some snow to the side of her and jamming it down his neck

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry hissed, but didn't jump off her, and instead merely pressed his weight back onto her more. "It's already cold Blaise! Doesn't bother me none.... and besides, you're not the first to offer me death threats, although I'm sure you're the one I'd happily die for most." He couldn't help the cocky gleam in his eye.

Girl Zabini: "how could i possibly compete with the dark lord" she said sarcastically annoyed and suspicious of the gleam in his eye "are just going to lay there on top of me all night?" she asked

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "If you'll let me," he said quieter than he had said anything that entire evening into her ear. He was quite content to stay as he was, with Blaise settled comfortably beneith him. He layed his head down on her shoulder, his breath coming in small puffs against the skin under her ear.

Girl Zabini: her breath hitched as he put his head on her shoulder and her hand reached up to stroke his hair almost unconciously "we'll get frostbite or hypothermia" she mumbled

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Are you cold now?" he questioned her from where he was, his lips barely an inch from her neck. He was so close, and he should probably move but he really didn't care as soon as he felt her hands in her hair. If this was going to happen, she was going to make a choice. He didn't give a damn who thought he owned her.

Girl Zabini: "no" she said softly "not at all, you're quite warming, Harry" she twisted his hair gently round her fingers as she spoke

o0 Smimmsie 0o: He moved again and looked at her from above "I would say you're quite hot yourself, Blaise," he said, trailing a finger down her neck. He really liked this, and he liked it alot. This lazy sensuality was something he hadn't ever really exerienced before. His other hand moved down her side and clasped one of her hands.

Girl Zabini: she blushed and turned her face away so he wouldn't see. she gripped his hand "i don't want to go back" she said in a small voice

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Then don't," he said simply. "Maybe it's not as easy as that, I know, but you do have a choice." He took her hand and curled it around him and then slid his hand to cup her face and neck. " I don't really want you to go either," he whispered.

Girl Zabini: she looked at him, biting her lip "I have to go back, they'll be wondering what's happened to me." she paused not knowing how to articulate what she was feeling so instead she pressed her lips to his

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry made a noise in the back of this throat, almost a growl when she kissed him, not really caring what else she had to say as soon as her lips pressed his. He wrapped his arms around her and gripped her by her shoulders like he was drowning. Breaking off, he looked at her like he was going to say something, but decided against it and kissed her at the base of her ear and then kissed her again.

Girl Zabini: she drew a quick breath, clearly not expecting such passion, she relaxed against him, wrapping her arms around him and holding him close to her

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "You know, I bet we make quite a sight," he said between bites and kisses to her thoat. Whipping out his wand, he cast another warming charm and shrugged off his coat, laying it across the ground and manouvering both of them on to it, so she wouldn't melt any more snow. He also casted a muggle detering charm and smiled at her. "Guess we won't worry about anything else then, eh?"

Girl Zabini: she just stared at him, not believing THIS was Harry Potter, she blinked "can you do a drying charm as well, my back is soaked" she asked curling herself into him

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry did so, and took the opportunity to shake her coat off of her, spreading it out also. Smiling, he slid his cold hand up the back of her shirt and grinned.

Girl Zabini: she shivered and pressed herself against him "don't do that" she admonished "its cold" she pouted again

o0 Smimmsie 0o: He rubbed small circles on her back, "It'll warm up, don't worry," he said, smiling roguishly at her before he wrapped himself around her and kissed her powerfully.

Girl Zabini: she let herself give in to the kiss, and held him tightly as if he was going to disappear, she broke the kiss, drawing in air, quickly still looking at him curiously. "you're a dark horse aren't you?" she mused pushing back his hair from his face

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry's eyebrow's raised as his hands moved from her back to rest against her stomache, hot now. "What do you mean?"

Girl Zabini: she shrugged "i didn't imagine kissing you would be like that" she said honestly

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Like what?" he said breathlessly, leaning in again and kissing her briefly, his cheeks pink with cold and excitement and his eyes bright. "and what's a dark horse?" he asked, his hands drawing lazy circles subconciously around her belly button.

Girl Zabini: "Like, you know" she said uncomfortable at being put on the spot "i'm surprised you didn't ask me when i'd been imagining kissing you" she said smiling triumphantly "you missed that one" she teased

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry gripped her bare side underneith her shirt and laughed undernieth his breath, his teeth worrying a spot on her ear. "I've not missed a moment of this, I assure you, lady Zabini," he fake-sneered. "And I figure you've been thinking about kissing me just as I've been thinking about kissing you... about every damn second since the last time," Harry shifted his hips around and almost groaned outloud, biting his lips to stifle it. Oh, god, he hoped Blaise didn't notice or say anything, or he'd die of embarassment.

Girl Zabini: She had a smile playing about her lips, but no she hadn't noticed Harry's "embarrassment". "Actually Potter, I had entertained the idea long before you ever kissed me" her skin burned where he was touching her and she felt like she was about to pass out from the heat

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry blinked, and then shook his head. "Then you were just like me," he said, cupping the back of her head and pulling her face to mash his lips against hers, lips parting and his tongue teasing hers.

Girl Zabini: "rubbish" she muttered against his mouth but let him kiss her all the same. her own hands didn't wander very far, just over his back, slipping under his shirt to feel his skin

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry shivered at her touch, his entire body going as tense as.... Harry smiled back at her as he released her, still feeling like he hadn't even begun to kiss her at all. "You don't believe me?"

Girl Zabini: "not at all" she enunciated clearly smiling slightly at him "i just can't see it"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Then you should have seen me that evening," he licked at her ear as he said this, not knowing where any of this newfound confidence was coming from. "I know that I was seeing you pretty clearly," he smiled.

Girl Zabini: "you were drunk we both were" she said pulling away from him a bit, trying to put some distance between them, she was feeling horrible inside, torn between wanting Harry and not hurting him

o0 Smimmsie 0o: He felt her distance almost immediately. "I'm sober as hell now, and I don't feel any different," he said.

Girl Zabini: she bit her lip, hating herself "you will do. i'm not a nice person Harry, isn't that what your friends have been telling you?" she sighed "that i'm nasty, and i'm doing this for kicks and laughing at you behind your back with my boyfriend" she spat all her guilt making her bitter

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry leaned back from her, his hands slipped from her. "Is that what you are doing?" he asked, his eyes raking over her as if searching for the truth.

Girl Zabini: she felt an immediate chill as he stopped touching her, "What do you think?" she asked "because if you think i know what i'm doing, please, let me in on it because i don't have a clue"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry shook his head. "I don't know what you're doing other than you're being with me at the moment. If you want to know, I'm not excited about the thought of you going back where you came from, but frankly right now, I don't give a damn. and no, I don't think that's what you're doing at all, because I know it, I just do. I don't think you're just doing this to mock me because I think it's genuine, the attraction. Mine is," he said, shifting over and praying she didn't push him off and go running screaming in the park.

Girl Zabini: she bit her lip again, not looking at him, but her body unconciously moving towards him "i don't know what's going on, i'm here because i want to be here but i'm scared" the last was said so quietly she didn't know if he'd heard her

o0 Smimmsie 0o: He nodded towards her. "I'm not going to screw this up for you, Blaise. I will only go as far as you let me. If you stop and say that you don't want me to do this," he said, his hands creeping back where they were and pulling her against him, his lips at her throat, "then I won't," he said, sucking on the hollow of her throat gently. "I don't know what you're in right now. Maybe you should explain it to me some time, but I'm not really interested in it right now. I just want you to know that... I want to be with you anyway I can," he smiled. "and if it's as friends or lovers, I'm happy with what it is," he said to her, looking in her eyes and hoping she believed him.

Girl Zabini: she relaxed somewhat at that "i want you to know, that despite what people might say, i do not want to hurt you" she said fiercly looking into his eyes and hoping he'd belive her too

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry smiled at her. "I think I've come to know what maliciousness is like, and I don't think it has anything to do with this," he was too scared to touch her any further, as he didn't want to bolt. Her slight trembling reminded him of a frightened deer.

Girl Zabini: she let out the breath she'd been holding and put her head against his chest "if you tell anyone how 'girly and honest' i've been this evening i will kill you" she muttered laughing quietly

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry grinned and rolled over, pulling her atop him. He felt strange, feeling so comfortable with her when she was a slytherin girl and they were in the snow in the middle of a london park at almost midnight on Christmas Eve. "Then, lady, I will die a happy man, as long as it is by your hand." He winced. "Oooh, bad rhyme."

Girl Zabini: she laughed "you just want punishing" she said with a smirk "i'm not falling for it Potter, you're far to tricksy" she looked down at him and kissed his nose her hair falling forward onto his face, she brushed it aside impatiently. "do you think anyone would believe us if we told them where'd we'd been this evening and what we'd been doing?" she mused before pressing her lips to his quickly, she didn't know what it was but she found it hard not to wantt o kiss him

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry shook his head. "Not a damn person. Hell, a couple of weeks ago and I would be laughing. Of course, that was because I never thought I'd wind up kissing anyone so... damned good looking," he smiled as he brushed a thumb across her lips.

Girl Zabini: "rubbish" she said sternly, biting his thumb gently "you're hardly ugly, Potter...infact you're quite-" she didn't bother to finish, but kissed him forcefully

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry hissed when she bit his thumb, wondering if she knew exactly the affects she was having on him. Feeling her kiss him with such passion figured out that she did know exactly what she was doing. Also, Harry found it quite enjoyable to be flat on his back, tangled under Blaise, his legs sliding against hers. He moaned softly against her lips, hoping for more but still too painfully shy of her to ask. All he wanted to avoid was to make her feel pressured about anything.
o0 Smimmsie 0o: His hands were having way too much fun roaming her back. It was amazing how soft her skin was, and he thought he should tell her so. "You... are so soft," he whispered.

Girl Zabini: her stomach felt warm and liquid, evertime he touched her something shot through her, making her nerves tingle "thats expensive skincare for you" she joked kissing his jaw. she froze slightly as she heard Big Ben chime midnight. her smile faltered and she looked worried

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry smiled at her blindly. "Merry Christmas, Blaise," he said. Notcing her look of distraction, he paused. "What's wrong?"

Girl Zabini: she felt sick "i have to go"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry nodded, even though his eyes betrayed his dissapointment. "Its...okay," he managed. He looked up at her, worried, and wanted to kiss all the pain away. He reached up to her face and pulled her down to him, kissing her hungrily for another moment. Releasing her, he nodded. "Alright"

Girl Zabini: (yeh k)
Girl Zabini: "not really" she admitted "i feel like the world's biggest bitch" she touched his cheek gently

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry sighed and layed his head on her chest. "You can't please everyone, Blaise. Sometimes, not even yourself."

Girl Zabini: "I suppose, its just that with Malcolm.." she didn't want to upset Harry and spoil the moment "i dunno we've been friends since we were babies, its hard to know where your real feelings end and the memory of them begins, but with you-" she smiled and her face lit up and she kissed the top of her head "i have to go"

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry nodded as if he understood, even though he really didn't. He did note what she said, and he filed it away for later. "I know. Don't worry too much about it just yet, okay? I mean... think on it, please, but don't worry." He felt warm inside when she pressed her lips to his head. "Are you apparating straight from here?"

Girl Zabini: she nodded, "yes then i have to sneak back in like a naughty teenager, which i suppose i am really. i told them i had a headache"
Girl Zabini: "you'll have a good day tomorrow, won't you?" she said

o0 Smimmsie 0o: "Well, I have an ache now, but it's definately not in my head," he leered at her.
o0 Smimmsie 0o: He laughed at the scandalized look on her face and then sobered up. "I think I've had the best christmas I've ever had," he said.

Girl Zabini: she rolled her eyes "i'm sure you'll cope" her face softened at that, "me too, last year was probably the worst one of my life, ask Tale about it" she said her smile fading a bit "and. now. i. have. to. go" she said kissing him between each word

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry, sad that she was going, was still warmed by her bright smile. "Well, if you want to go, you should get off me then," he smiled.

Girl Zabini: "i can apparate horizontally" she said smiling at him her hand reached for his and squeezed it tightly "Merry Christmas Harry" she said brushing her lips against his before disappearing with a pop

o0 Smimmsie 0o: Harry sighed immediately when she left, feeling her absence and the cold. He brushed his lips for a moment, and just layed there in the snow, thinking.
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